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How White Jacobs & Associates Increased Conversions 10% Using Swarmify as a YouTube Alternative

How White Jacobs & Associates Increased Conversions 10% Using Swarmify as a YouTube Alternative

White Jacobs & Associates helps people change their lives for the better after a personal financial crisis. The attorney-backed, one-on-one credit counseling and coaching they provide guides clients back to financial strength through credit restoration.

White Jacobs & Associates knew video would be a critical tool in introducing their services to potential clients. They also knew that slow video would keep their message from getting out to those who needed it most because they would just leave the website. YouTube videos were just too slow to load and had frequent buffer issues. It was clear they needed a YouTube alternative, but which one was going to resolve buffering issues and not create new problems?

No Video is Better than Slow Video

Using video simply helps websites convert better unless the playback is so slow it results in a poor user experience. People have brief attention spans and won’t wait. It was for these reasons Pedro Cuencas, Director of Digital Marketing, and his team at White Jacobs & Associates decided not to have video on their landing page at all.

“Before Swarmify, we did not want to use video on our landing page because slow-loading videos is a turn-off for website visitors. We believed that it was better NOT to have video on a page instead of having slow-loading video.”
Pedro Cuencas, Director of Digital Marketing, White Jacobs & Associates

However, knowing the importance of video and how it can help improve conversions, they continued their search for a YouTube alternative.

The Solution

Using Swarmify’s SmartVideo, White Jacobs & Associates added a video to their landing page. Swarmify offers buffer-free, stall-proof playback making it easy to say goodbye to slow-loading video. They noticed an immediate reduction to their bounce rate because videos were not impaired by buffering or stalling-out, resulting in further engaged visitors, as intended.

“The impact we have on our website visitors is stronger because we can communicate a more powerful message through video.”

A decreased bounce rate meant people were spending more time on their website, but were these visitors converting to customers?

At Swarmify, our mission is to bring an accelerated, distraction-free video experience to websites of all sizes. Whether you’re a website owner, an agency, or you just want to get in on our affiliate program, we have a plan for you!

Improved Conversions

Have you noticed how many more businesses are using video to better explain their products and services? Businesses the world over are turning to video to engage potential customers and capture their business. Video is more entertaining, memorable, and engaging. It has innumerable advantages over text alone. These advantages were clear to Mr. Cusencas and White Jacobs & Associates, so it was imperative they find a YouTube alternative because it just slowed their website down too much.

Using Swarmify’s unbranded and lightning-fast SmartVideo, White Jacobs and Associates conversion rates increased by 10%. They captured more of their audience by keeping them happy with a fast loading playback experience and engaged them in a way that spoke to them — video.

“We’ve had a 10% increase in conversion rate from lead to customer. We believe this is directly related to the addition of video [to the website]”

Mr. Cusencas’ tips for using Swarmify?

“Be sure to use the customization feature to make sure colors match your company branding. I also recommend using the WordPress plugin if your CMS is WordPress. SUPER easy to use.”

Benefit from Swarmify SmartVideo

For White Jacobs & Associates, their conversions increased by 10%. How much could your business benefit from using Swarmify?

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