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How Proficiens Academy Uses SmartVideo as a YouTube Alternative for e-Learning

How Proficiens Academy Uses SmartVideo as a YouTube Alternative for e-Learning

Proficiens Academy is an award-winning educational company that was founded in 1999 in Zagreb, Croatia. This leading-edge global organization employs a team of educational experts in a variety of fields and launched its first e-learning platform in 2011. Being on the forefront of online education, all their coursework and lesson plans depend heavily on the consumption of online videos.

Since its inception, Proficiens Academy has helped a vast number of professionals ranging from students and entrepreneurs, to doctors and nurses by providing top-notch educational courses, workshops, and individual and group coaching sessions through their e-learning platform. Their areas of expertise include business education and training, career consulting and coaching, graphic and web designing development, as well as business development.

A YouTube Alternative for e-Learning

Proficiens Academy’s CEO Vladimir Sterle was on a quest to find a concrete solution that would not only optimize the educational videos being broadcasted on their e-learning platform but also improve their network utilization. Branding issues, constant redirects to YouTube, slow video playback, and response times were not only hindering their students' educational growth, but they were also heavily consuming the company’s network resources.

“Seeing what Swarmify had to offer, it seemed like a perfect choice.”

Finding a YouTube alternative and strategy was imperative to the success of this organization. Since Swarmify was offering a great solution package that addressed all their needs, the company went ahead and gave it a try.

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Time, Development, and Money Saved

For an online teaching platform, instructional videos are a core component in the deliverability of the course content. Proficiens Academy utilizes all types of video materials by making use of platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. By switching over to Swarmify, Proficiens Academy started saving tons of time on development while noticing a reduced disk utilization rate along with a boost in their network bandwidth.

"Swarmify saved us hours of development, significantly reduced our disk space and bandwidth utilization, which in turn cut down our hosting expenses in half. Swarmify also continues to protect our videos from unauthorized access, while accelerating load times. This is quite significant compared to what we have experienced with YouTube and other video hosting platforms."

Along with mitigating the risks of unauthorized video access, the load speeds of their videos increased substantially compared to what they were experiencing with other video hosting options.

Swarmify turned out to be a much better alternative to YouTube for Proficiens Academy. By leveraging Swarmify’s automated video optimization capabilities, Proficiens Academy now enjoys an ultra-fast playback experience, while their students engage and thrive on the e-learning platform. Instead of dealing with nagging video issues and infrastructure, the company is now focused solely on providing quality education for their students.

Proficiens Academy's Recommendation

According to Vladimir, if you are on the lookout for a super video tool then Swarmify is the one for you.

“If you need a neat video player that automatically optimizes, protects, and serves your videos without unwanted branding, Swarmify is the way to go.”

In today’s world of massive media consumption, delivering high-quality videos that are available at the drop of a hat is a must for any business that leverages a video platform. After Swarmify came to the rescue, Proficiens Academy was able to alleviate their video deliverability issues, making it easier for them to reach their full business potential.

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