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WordPress Recipe plugins

WordPress Recipe plugins

Ingredients are the key to a recipe, in the same way, a good Recipe WordPress plugin is key to your food blog. You put in a lot of effort and hard work in your food blog so you expect that it deserves maximum exposure. For this purpose, you need to choose the best Recipe WordPress plugin and we are here to help you with that.

Web platform brings forward a world of opportunities for your blog. You can share your mouth-watering recipes while taking a local recipe to a global level. In order to do that you will need one of these recipe plugins designed to satisfy your expectations.

A recipe plugin is one of the most vital ingredients for making your website stand out amongst a sea of food blogs. You should have a convenience, SEO and user experience at the forefront of your mind when you decide to get a plugin. Here we’ve made a list of the best WordPress recipe plugins that you can choose which will help you enrich the flavor of your food blog.

1. Recipe Box

The recipe box plugin has been recently updated and now comes with a variety of advanced options like the rich snippet that makes it your content more SEO friendly. There are approximately 60 customizable options at the back-end which you can experiment with to change the behavior of the plugin as per your liking.

Pricing plan: The regular license fee is about 20 dollars.

Some specifications of the plugin include:

  • Includes Review System for users you go over their recipes once again.
  • Generates rich snippets automatically increasing the exposure of your content on search engines.
  • The responsive layout ensures that your website looks appealing on every screen and the retina ready feature works in HD.
  • You can use various design short-codes for different purposes.

2. WP Ultimate Recipe

This WP plugin is very user-friendly and is recommended for newbies. The plugin contains standard WP categories and tags to help you organize your recipes how you like. You also have the option of making a user-friendly site and engage your followers by letting them submit their recipes.

Pricing plan: The basic level plugin is free. For advance usage premium modules need to be purchased and cost a fee of $79.

Some key features are:

  • It automatically formats metadata for Google recipe search optimizing your site.
  • The plugin makes your site stand out with its unique look and feel.
  • Users can adjust the ingredient amounts according to the serving size.
  • The plugin comes in a number of languages namely, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Bulgarian, German and is to translate as well.

3. Total Recipe generator (shows nutritional facts)

Total recipe generator generates content by following the recommended standards and basic requirements for WP plugins such as schema microdata, JSON-LD microdata and affiliate links. It has built-in nutritional facts label creator, automatic features for the conversion of cooking times and page builder support for back-ends and front-ends.

Pricing plans: the regular license costs $12.


  • The plugin comes with a Visual Composer add-on. It has built-in support for a lot of visual composer elements and inherits a drag and drop feature as well.
  • Instantly create content by launching pre-made templates.
  • The auto calculation for prep and cooking time can be done.
  • Step by step installation manual and documentation guide is available for setting it up.

4. Le Chef

Use this plugin to present your recipes in a brand new and appetizing way for your users. The latest version 4.0 includes a full grocery list, timer for every little step. New short-codes were also programmed for Our Chef’s, latest recipe and Recipe of the day videos on the page.

Pricing plans: A license fee of $21 is required for purchasing.


  • Customizable, fast recipes along with the nutritional filter.
  • Option for Chef Dashboard and print recipe.
  • Customized videos with a calorie counter and measurement units.
  • Favorite list for users.
  • Custom like button for each recipe and shows total likes as well.

5. JT recipes

The new version 3,2,1 of the JT Recipe plugin has many advanced upgrades like Advanced search widget for finding a particular recipe, RTL support (language compatibility) and many more. A special short-code and widgets are also present for displaying recipes anywhere on the site page.

Pricing Plans: the regular license can be purchased for $10.


  • Full compatibility with new WP versions.
  • Multiple new widgets and single page display options.
  • Users can submit recipes from the front-end.

6. WP Recipe Maker

This plugin gives you the option to simply add recipes to any of your pages or posts. The plugin automatically adds JSON-LD metadata for better SEO. You can easily migrate data from other plugins. Rating and finding recipes is very easy in this plugin. A comment section is also included and published on the blog

Pricing plans: $49 per month is the license fee.


  • Ease of use for owner and visitors.
  • Speed optimization
  • Nutrition values can be calculated using nutrition calculator and nutrition API.
  • You can grow your blog into an international business reaching people worldwide.

7. Zip Recipes

No need to hand-code recipes into a complex structure, use the Zip recipe plugin and it will do this all for you. An interesting feature in the plugin lets the visitors remember you, the blog URL on the printed recipe receipt.

Pricing plan: The plugin is free for basic users. Different premium plans are also available.

Key Features:

  • Add links to related recipes from the ingredient lists.
  • Supported JSON-LD format and older formats used by Pinterest.
  • Auto-populate recipe name duplicated recipe mane in the plugin automatically, which helps in SEO.
  • Supports Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
  • Display recipes in different languages on the same blog.

8. Cooked – Recipes for WordPress

This google friendly plugin follows Google standards for semantic structure while you publish your recipes. Schema.org microdata generator helps adjust your content to different screen sizes. A free plan is also available along with a Pro plan that costs $49.