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Why we partnered with W3 Total Cache to bring video acceleration to WordPress

Why we partnered with W3 Total Cache to bring video acceleration to WordPress

Bringing Netflix-quality delivery to the WordPress universe

When the idea of partnering with W3 Edge, provider of W3 Total Cache, first came up, I was warned with, “Frederick Townsend (CEO of W3 Edge) is fanatical about performance and making the web experience faster. So above all else he is going to focus on whether or not our video acceleration is a performance win for their users.” And once I heard that, I knew that W3 Edge was going to be the right partner for us to bring this to WordPress.
That’s because our entire team at Swarmify cares about one thing, eliminating video buffering and delivering outstanding stream quality. Just like us, W3 Edge is focused on enabling the best possible experience for the millions of websites that trust them. And that’s why this partnership makes so much sense.

It’s your website, your content, and your business!

You no longer need to allow someone else’s brand or “similar videos” to show up with your message. Tell your story and make sure it comes across clearly, and crisply to end users.

Welcome to a new era where small businesses can deliver video quality on par with the largest players on the Internet

We are excited to see how users will take advantage of these new capabilities now that they can easily include Netflix-quality video delivery without having to give up their content rights to 3rd parties like Youtube.

Get Started

Install W3 Total Cache to your WordPress install: Click Here

Enable Video Acceleration

Once that’s installed, enable Swarmify Video Acceleration right within your WordPress dashboard

More details: Press release

Partnership Opportunities

We are always looking for additional opportunities to partner with experience focused companies. If you have customers who care about their video and want to explore a partnership, email me direct nathan@swarmify.com