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What is WordPress

What is WordPress

WordPress is a software you can operate to produce your website, blog or even an application. WordPress has flourished into a highly versatile "content management" system And today it features more than 27% of the whole web comprising of some of the most desired websites we have ever assumed.

WordPress is a part of the software for producing websites. But, Considering the factor that it's a part of the software, It is also an incredible piece of software. Word press is written combined with tons of people across the world, and they are all volunteers. That's a sensational feat.

If we take a gander at wordpress.org site, in the top right the labeled button provokes ‘Download WordPress'. And on this webpage, there's a button that warrants you to download the latest model and you can always reach here. There are no restrictions or privacy allocated to operate WordPress, you simply can utilize whenever you need it, but we need to modify the changes that we made so that others could gain benefit from.

Examples and Usage:

A blog is short for weblog, and the log is identical to a journal, so it seems to be a journal on the web, Due to this WordPress is superlative for blogging.

Somewhat a general blog contains a title heading, a sidebar, a post, it has classifications, archives, tweets, etc.

Matt Mullenweg is an example of one of the co-innovators of WordPress, His Articles or blogs consist of titles, pictures or posts that are quite simple. But one of the most fascinating about WordPress is that's grown and it's now capable enough to build a website. The Ottawa Citizen is a newspaper for the capital of Canada, His site gets a huge amount of traffic, and has tons of content. Another brilliant example is as stated in Vogue.com and yes that's Vogue magazine, They operate with WordPress.

Beyond regular sites with content, WordPress is also sensational at eCommerce. Woocommerce is a plug-in. WordPress directs almost 30% of all e-commerce on the complete web: comprising these sites. WordPress also ace at membership websites where you defray the cost of to avail specific class of content, like music and themes and educational resources.

How does it enable?

To start with the Word Press, you will first need to download the software and then install it on a web server, connect it to a database and then undertake to post your content on the web. It may sound problematic but the whole process will take about 5 minutes. And once it has been installed, It validates you to utilize a simple web-based editor to post content and forge your website. There's even a hosted version at WordPress.com that authorizes you to produce a new Wordpress-Powered site in few moments.


Firstly, WordPress is distributed under an Open Source license which indicates that you can download and operate WordPress software how you want to. But it also indicates that tons of volunteers all across the globe are relentlessly producing and enhancing the WordPress software.

Secondly, WordPress is simple to learn and utilize rather than recruiting a web designer every time you like to make a little modification to your site, you can effortlessly administer and upgrade your content by utilizing basic formatting tools.

Thirdly, it is entirely customizable. There are loads of themes and plugins that authorize you to conveniently modify the whole look of your website, or even add new properties to your site with just a few clicks.

So the last point clarifies that if you are in control of your content. Some other posting platforms restrict what you can and can't do on your site. And if you are yoked into that service; if it ought to shut down, your content might result in a loss of your content. With WordPress, you can simply import or transfer your data from other platforms like Blogger or Tumblr, and you can effortlessly export your data to proceed from WordPress, every time you select or choose it


The biggest con that a WordPress posses is its Vulnerability. WordPress is an Open Source license, and it anticipates on plugins and themes for modification. Both the themes and plugins are led by different people and brands and since no one administers them, they can easily be composed of bugs or malicious code lines. As stated above, WordPress is the most preferred content management system. This factor alone satisfies that WordPress is a major aim for hackers everywhere. As talking about the fact the most hacked CMS platform worldwide is WordPress.

Wordpress itself is unbound to use, but when perceiving at the entire picture there are essential costs. WordPress anticipates on plugins and themes for the objective of customization, and while there are some that are unbound to utilize but they are not trusted every time, Moreover, If you want your site to stand out and your onlookers to have a superb, you have to indemnify a theme. As the unbound ones are additionally utilized. With several updates reaching out continuously. It can become pretty non-affordable to keep your site up to the mark. Generally, If you have a little education or knowledge about web designing you will surely make modifications yourself. But most people will require a plugin or an approved theme.

WordPress is unquestionably an SEO well-disposed platform, however so is for all intents and functions any open source CMS. Notwithstanding, for individuals with next to zero SEO experience and information, WordPress can make many issues. Presumably, the most realized one is brought about by the WordPress' class and labeling framework. If the content is over-labeled or set apart into numerous classes, Google will signal it as copy content, a reality that will influence your SEO rankings.