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How X10 Entrepreneur Deployed Swarmify Video Hosting as a Vimeo Alternative to Better Help Their Clients

How X10 Entrepreneur Deployed Swarmify Video Hosting as a Vimeo Alternative to Better Help Their Clients

Founder and owner of X10 Entrepreneur, Dr. Nic Lucas is a neuroscience expert who provides counseling and coaching sessions to CEO’s, entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants, and online educators. With a background in neuroscience, medical research, entrepreneurship, various degrees, and a doctorate in philosophy, Dr. Nic Lucas assists clients in reaching their full personal and career potential.

Dr. Nic Lucas

Working with a highly successful client base, Dr. Nic helps them reach new heights by tapping into their talents and abilities. Whether it is work-life balance, relationship issues, or financial obstructions, Dr. Nic guides his clients on how to stop hitting a brick wall in life. Most of his clients claim to feel liberated after attending his one-on-one coaching sessions as he helps them in gaining confidence and a greater understanding of their purpose in life.

Dr. Nic's office administrator

The Video Load Speed Problem

Dr. Nic’s clients were facing slow video load times on his membership site’s video hosting. His company’s video hosting platform was Vimeo based, but it simply was not delivering up to the standards he and his clients expected. Not wanting his clients to even lose a second from their busy schedules, he started researching for a Vimeo alternative. That is when he discovered Swarmify and made the switch.

Since most of his customers are busy professionals, he did not want them to suffer from slow videos on his website or his member's area.

"My clients are busy, and I did not want them to notice the slow video load times."

Dr. Nic really wanted his clients to have a seamless and consistent experience every time they accessed his membership platform and Swarmify provided that much-needed boost. Since implementing Swarmify into the equation, their videos are loading instantly without any buffering.

“My videos load and play instantly. Every second counts when it comes to online sales.”
At Swarmify, our mission is to bring an accelerated, distraction-free video experience to websites of all sizes. Whether you’re a website owner, an agency, or you just want to get in on our affiliate program, we have a plan for you!

With the help of Swarmify, X10 Entrepreneur is now reaping the benefits of displaying stutter-free, premium quality videos which in turn yields high conversion rates. With increased load speeds, Swarmify also provides a secure environment for video hosting by not offering a straightforward way for users to download his content. Dr. Nic’s clients now enjoy a high-quality video experience on the member pages without any buffering or delays.

“According to studies, conversion rates increase by around 10% of every page or video that loads a second faster.”

Tips from Dr. Nic

According to Nic, one thing to keep in consideration while implementing Swarmify is to make sure it works well with your current WordPress theme. In their case, they had to implement a work-around that eventually made it work.

Since the advent of online video hosting, consumer behavior has changed drastically over time. Robust video streaming capabilities is now a necessity and more so if your business depends on it. There is nothing more disturbing than having your clients suffer through slow load-times and playbacks on your video hosting platform. Since Dr. Nic is in the business of making his clients reach their full potential, it was imperative that his business website also delivered to its fullest potential. Investing in Swarmify was a positive step for his company.

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