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How Creaktor Uses SmartVideo as a Vimeo Alternative for Marketing

How Creaktor Uses SmartVideo as a Vimeo Alternative for Marketing

Creaktor is a brand and identity design company based out of the Netherlands. They create powerful branding voices for businesses. Along with crafting marketing strategies and brand designing, they also provide digital marketing support to their clients.

They serve their clients by putting a strong emphasis on their business mission and create branding strategies that align well with their goals and visions.

Alexander van Aken, the CEO of Creaktor is the driving force behind this creative agency. With an impressive background in the marketing and advertising industry, he understands all aspects of branding and creative concept design.

Alexander van Aken, CEO of Creaktor

The Problem with Using Vimeo as a Video Host for Marketing

The core issue Creaktor was facing was not being able to load balance the viral campaigns for their clients along with having branding issues.

“I was having an issue with load balancing viral campaigns. I also needed a customized video hosting experience for my clients.”

The company used various platforms for video hosting for marketing but needed a Vimeo alternative. They were looking for a personalized video experience for their clients and that is when they stumbled on to Swarmify.

Alexander creating music

Creaktor was not only suffering from low-quality video playback experiences, but they were also looking for an unbranded video hosting solution that could be personalized per their client's needs.

Why SmartVideo by Swarmify?

Swarmify offered them a clean, robust, and unbranded platform so they can stay focused on video customization. Also, Swarmify resolved their video optimization issues by providing this company with a buffer-free and prompt video playback option.

“Swarmify helped us with removing video branding issues and optimized our video delivery.”

Since Creaktor is heavily involved in brand marketing, it's a no-brainer why they needed a video hosting solution that would avoid the unwarranted branding that comes with platforms like Vimeo. Swarmify’s SmartVideo platform provided them with the customization options that could be solely geared towards their target audience.  With the help of Swarmify, Creaktor was also able to optimize their videos and drastically improved video playback speed.

At Swarmify, our mission is to bring an accelerated, distraction-free video experience to websites of all sizes. Whether you’re a website owner, an agency, or you just want to get in on our affiliate program, we have a plan for you!

Creaktor achieved their branding goals by employing Swarmify as their video hosting provider. The company is impressed with the strides it has made since implementing Swarmify and advises business owners to use it for their branding needs. Per Alexander, Swarmify is a necessity for any business looking to market a brand or create branding strategies.

“If you need to market a brand, then you need Swarmify. Always.”

Having the ability to create unbranded video experiences free of advertisements and unwanted delays is a dream for any marketing agency that excels in creating a brand voice for its valued clients. Non-optimized videos and slow playback not only delays projects but can sometimes cost an agency valuable clients as well. By shifting over to Swarmify’s powerful video hosting platform, Creaktor was able to secure its clients and their branding strategies.

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