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Video Widgets For The WordPress Users

Video Widgets For The WordPress Users

In the recent few years, it has been analyzed that the engagement rate earned through the video is way better than the engagement rate that images create. This has forced the businesses and websites to use the video content to convey and communicate their message with their audience base. However, if the websites are using the WordPress website, adding the videos can be a tedious task. The best solution for such a hassle is using the WordPress plugins. Through the plugins, users can optimize the video through SEO and enhance the loading speed.

If you want to add video to your website as well, we have managed to find some top-notch WordPress plugins in this article. Each plugin has its own unique features to meet the varying needs of the users so, choose the one that fits you the best!

Envira Gallery

This has to be named as the best WordPress plugin for the video incorporation on your website. With this plugin, users have the liberty to add self-hosted WordPress videos along with the YouTube galleries such as the Wistia and Vimeo. It allows the users to create their own galleries, play the videos through the lightbox, and paginate the galleries. The best part about this software is that it comes with the drag and drop option, which allows the users to add the video in a gallery or an entire gallery to a sidebar.

YouTube Simple Gallery

This is the YouTube gallery plugin with its simple interface and ease of use. This plugin allows users to personalize the post types, create the categories, and then add the video. There comes a short-code with this video, which allows the users to add the videos through the post editing screen. Once the short-code is activated, the video gallery creation and development is automated with the prior addition of the short-code. This signifies that users can edit the posting page and use the relevant short-codes to add a personalized touch.

With this plugin, users are able to open and play the videos through the lightbox. In the settings, the thumbnail size can be edited, and controlling the video is also possible. The only drawback of this software is that it displays the video in a listing format, but if CSS language is used, the list can be converted into the grid.

YouTube Showcase

This is yet another plugin that allows the users to add YouTube videos and uses the post type to categorize the video. With this plugin, users can add the tags and categories to the videos and feature the videos alongside. The widgets added in the plugin are the featured videos and recent videos, and with the plugin, the video gallery page is set up automatically. Moreover, the layout is very attractive and allows the users to search for the multiple videos without going through other pages; do it all by sitting at one page!


This plugin is for the people who have their YouTube channel as it allows the users to display the videos in an efficient manner. When you add this plugin to the WordPress site and search for the YouTube channel name along with the ID, it will extract all the videos along with the view counts, playlists, banner image, and the uploads. With the short-code, users can easily showcase their channels along with the page. Also, with this plugin, users can easily check and change the metadata display, thumbnail size, and the play button settings.

WordPress Video Gallery

It’s a customizable plugin with strong features that allow the users to add videos. With this plugin, users can show the videos along with the customized skin and the HD flv player to ensure the HD quality. There are many users who use the default settings to meet their needs, but the settings can be changed as per the user's needs because there are numerous options available.

There are sample videos added in this plugin which allows the users to create the video gallery page. With this plugin, you can visit the video page and preview the gallery for the interface. Once you are done with setting the page, you can add the videos you want and make your own video gallery.

Workbox Video

This plugin has been designed to create the video page in collaboration with the Wistia, YouTube, and Vimeo. The video incorporation is very simple, as users only have to add the video URLs rather than the complete video. There is a settings page which allows the users to customize and change the settings of the video gallery as they lie. With this plugin, videos can be added with the short-codes and posts. The best thing about Workbox Video is that it allows the users to create the multiple galleries. The multiple galleries allow the users to create and add the videos on different topics and channels.


This plugin has been designed for the YouTube channel users as it allows the users to create the multiple galleries and then add the videos on the page or post. uTubeVideo creates the thumbnails on an automatic basis and also optimizes the loading times to make it faster.

Now, we are going about the best in town plugin named as SmartVideo.


This plugin allows the users to host the videos on the WordPress website. This plugin has coined its name to make sure that users are able to improve the loading time of the page as well as the videos, add the videos in a few seconds. It allows the users to brand the channel and website through the personalization of the colors. Also, this plugin cares about the user base and enables the users to not to get into the hassle of recommended videos and traffic leaks.

The best part about this plugin is that if the network is integrated, users can earn money if the video content is up to the mark. So, if you want to have complete control over the video incorporation, use this plugin, and it will not fail you!