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Becoming a vlogger has become a rite of passage in the 21st century. Though its adults or teenagers, everyone is found to be entranced by the beauty of vlogging. With so many social platforms out there, everyone wants to publicize their lives. This phenomenon is trending so much so that now it’s become a source of income for many stay-at-home individuals.  For those of you who still reside under the rock and are unaware of the term vlogging, let us explain. Vlogging is an acronym for ‘Video Blogging’, which has quickly become a darling for an online community. Google acquisition of YouTube has made video blogging more popular and given it more attention worldwide. In fact, it is believed that in the coming year’s trends in the video will take over contents on numerous sites. What’s more, is that it boosts the influencer market and help build brand awareness. Video blogging is a great platform to influence people and once you have gained their trust, your followers and audiences will become engaged and accessible and will opt for the products you recommend. Now you do not have to spend millions and millions of dollars on product advertisement rather, you can go for a more personal angle and interact with your followers yourself and create buzz around real-time events such as products targeting young audiences or product launches.

So if you have a unique personality and have mind-blowing content then we suggest you enter the video blogging world. But bear in mind that this field has grown very competitive these past years and if you want to attract followers your vlog should be different and have a premium quality to it. The most important tool you should invest cleverly on should be your video recorder. No matter how informative or cool your content is, if your video quality is poor then the followers will run away from you as if you’ve got the plague. So save up to gain subscribers because your video blog is as good as your number of followers.

Best Video Recorders of 2019

Investing in good video recorder is a must when you kick start the journey of video blogging. But before you head out to the camera store, know that you do not have to buy the most expensive gadget out there for your first time. You can go for anything that can record high definition video of 1080p. But if you’re looking for an upgrade then we suggest you definitely spend some big bucks on DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Then again, the content of your blog will define the nature of your video recorder. So do not make any hasty decisions and make an excessive overhaul. And if you are confused as to which camera goes for what content, then you’ve definitely come to the right place because we are going to guide you to the best of our abilities.

•    Sony HDRCX405 Camcorder

Camcorders are video blogger’s best friend when comes to choosing a video recorder that does it all and all for a very reasonable price. This is the most sought out accessory for vloggers because it is not only lightweight and portable but also perfect for people who want to focus strictly on videography and not photography. It is ideal for recording home videos where the content is a little closer to the reality side. It is perfect for capturing the hustle and bustle of household and other small tasks.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly high definition camcorder then we suggest you buy the reliable Sony HDRCX405 Camcorder. Its image stabilization feature reduces excessive shaking and blurring when used handheld. It is equipped with a Carl Zeiss zoom lens with 27x true optical zoom that although reduces the size of the image but does not disrupt the quality of an image.

•    GoPro Hero 4 Silver Sports and Action Camera

If your content is solely based on outdoor adventures then we suggest you buy a sports and action camera. Although a DSLR is anyone’s number one choice when doing a video blog but a DSLR is best used when shooting a stationary video. This expensive gear is prone to damage when subjected to extreme weather conditions. In that case, the best available option in such scenarios is sport and action camera as it records the best first-person angles.

One such dynamic camera that is not only compact and rugged but also a proof of different fears many would have when holding a camera is GoPro Hero 4 Silver. This gadget is golden if you’re looking for high-quality video recorder that is also easy on your pocket. Its built-in touch display and video trimming features are what makes it a hot seller in the market of millions. It has a specialized setting for dark and low-light environments, cool time lapse feature of 12 MP burst shots and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality to share and upload videos quickly.

•    Canon EOS Rebel T5i with EF-S 18-55 mm Lens

DSLRs are the ultimate favorite among video bloggers for their high picture quality. They are pretty expensive but its out-of-this-world features make it worth every penny. Its adaptability in low light makes it a number one video recorder choice. So if you want your video content to be taken seriously, then definitely go for a DSLR, because trust us this gadget has the oomph factor that you are looking for.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i is winning the hearts of millions of video bloggers out there. It has been a number one choice for both the beginners and experienced alike. And the good news is, although it offers tons of awesome feature still its price is relatively low. So, it is like you get the best of both worlds. It has been a number one choice by the majority of users because it can record 1080p videos, has a touch screen display and support Movie Servo for continuous focus tracking which means that it minimizes any blurring and shaking of image.

•    Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless cameras are the new ‘IT’ products in the market. Their popularity is growing by the years and what makes it a hot choice by the public is its interchangeable lens that allows us to take more custom shots that add character to your photos and videos.

One such universally affordable mirrorless video recorder is Sony Alpha A6000. It’s 4 D FOCUS autofocus technology (four dimension and wide coverage area) to help with fewer blurs and disruptions in your clips (especially when you want to zoom in and out of your target), this makes the A6000 one of the best mirrorless cameras for filming videos within the lower price-point of the camera type. It gives us full 1080 HD video quality (at 60p or 24p), 24-megapixel photograph quality, a very nice and quick autofocus feature, as well as a sleek design that’s super portable.