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Top Platforms For Adding Background Music & Downloading Background Music

Top Platforms For Adding Background Music & Downloading Background Music

Background music without any doubt can make the video stand out in no time and if the right background music is added, well, no one can stop anyone from watching that video. But how exactly do you add the background music? Well, we had always wondered about that so we decided to dig in a little deeper and we found out that there are proper software that are going to allow you to add background music to your video. If you want to know what software we are talking out, read on to find out!

Filmora Video Editor

If you want to add bgm and voice-overs in the videos, this is your go-to software as it has been equipped with outstanding tools and techniques to ensure the effective incorporation of the music to the videos. The software comes with a music library comprising of over 00 songs and you can even add your own songs. With this software, you can easily make the videos, apply effects, edit the audio, and even allow the users to share it on YouTube, TV, iPod, iPhone, and Facebook. The key features have been added in bullets below;

  • Allows the users to have access to professional editing tools
  • Animated text support has been incorporated along with a wide range of text and title option
  • Allows the users to add effects to the videos along with unique mosaic
  • Users can easily record the voiceovers for the videos
  • Window and Mac; both support this software


This software is completely free to download and with this software, users can effortlessly add music to the videos. Many formats are supported, including AVI, MOV, and WMV but the surprising thing is that mp3 format isn’t supported. The software is pretty easy to use and no technical expertise is required. Users can even download the soundtracks to add them into the videos. This software works only on Windows


The best thing about this software is that it runs easily both on Windows and Mac operating system. To add background music to the video, users will have to sign up on the software and only then, they can add the background music. There is a huge music library available from which you can use the music that fits your needs and most importantly, goes with your video.


The famous “I” has been added which portrays that this software is only for the Mac users, Users can easily create and add background music with this software but the best part is that it allows the user to create a slideshow movie. You do not have to worry about the security and compatibility because let’s accept it, it’s an Apple product.

Photo Story

This software is one of the most innate software out there and the user-friendly experiences add a cherry to the top. Users can easily add background music to the video as well as the personal narration if they prefer. The supported video format includes WMV and is best for personal and professional use. The software can be used on Windows systems.


Don’t worry, only the name is difficult to pronounce, the working is so easy that you will be done with editing in minimum time. Users can edit the video on this software and then add background music as they like. The encoding of the software has been done in a manner to ensure the zero inconsistencies. Moreover, the filter option allows users to filter the right music file. This software can be installed on Windows as well as on Mac.


If you are using a Windows-compatible device, you can easily add background music regardless of the device used i.e. desktop or phone. The software is highly professional for adding background music. In addition to the incorporation of background music, users can also remove it without compromising the quality.

Once you have found the software to add the background music, now let’s have a look at the software from which you can download the background music. We have gathered the most authentic and outstanding background music application so yeah, best of luck!


This application is effortlessly the one-stop shop for your music track needs including sound effects, stock media, stock videos, video effects, music effects, and much more. All the music and media available on this application is royalty-free in WAV and mp3 formats. There is an audio library which has a huge collection of sound effects, songs, and much more.


There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about this application as most people use this application to download the music as it offers the music download for free. It has been recognized as the best alternative for Spotify as it will allow the users to download unlimited music without paying a single penny. This application also allows the users to upload their own music and covers and can be browsed easily. In some cases, users will have to like their official Facebook page to download the music tracks. Moreover, there are over 20 music genres available.


This is the legitimized platform for the acquisition of music. The application has become a hub for independent artists where they upload their music tracks which can be downloaded by the public to use as background music for their videos. There are some songs which are paid.  This application requires the users to sign up to have access to the songs and music tracks. Moreover, users can download as well as stream the music. The best thing about this application is that it allows the users to create their own channel and interact with their followers.


The name suggests that application is a collection of noise but that is not true as the application has a huge collection of melodious songs from different artists. This application allows the users to download the music for free and all the processes are completely legal. However, if you want the music for adding to the video, you will have to share your email ID along with postal code for security reasons.