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Top 6 YouTube Competitors

Top 6 YouTube Competitors

When it comes to video, YouTube has dominated the market like King Kong on the Empire State Building, leaning off with one hand and pounding his chest. For more than a decade, YouTube's marketing dominance is unquestioned. But. But. BUT, there are other platforms you've been ignoring. These aren't just YouTube knockoffs or run-of-the-mill video platforms, but real, honest-to-God, amazing places to host video. With the competition waving their flags in YouTube's face, challenging YouTube as king of the hill, daring to look Google in the eyes and say, "You do not have video domain over me!"––let's take a look at the top six digital platforms for video sharing––in other words––YouTube Competitors!


I love facts. And what I'm going to say might throw you for a loop, but it is 100% true. Headquartered in King Kong's backyard–New York City––Vimeo actually opened their gates and began hosting video even before YouTube. So, they aren't going anywhere soon. Launched in the wayback of 2004, when Justin Timberlake did that thing he did to Janet Jackson, Vimeo began offering the capacity to stream high definition videos in multiple languages (Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and yes, even English). The service was well-received and Vimeo is one of the most popular platforms today. Vimeo is still a choice for many vloggers (do we still use this term) and offers various packages ranging from basic noodles to premium beef stroganoff.


Veoh caters to the streamers of the world. For those that do their own user-generated content, it doesn't get any better than Veoh. There is no argument over the fact that Veoh is a little different than the rest of the services mentioned on this list, but considering the wide variety of videos which can be streamed on the platform ranging from a gameplay video of your favorite Xbox title all the way to the TV studio programmed, the popularity of the service and its title of being a YouTube competitor is well deserved. As of 2010, Veoh has become a subsidiary of Qlipso. You can stream your favorite videos on Veoh at the website as well as via an application installed on a smart device.


Backed by the goliath Amazon, Twitch is a live video service that began streaming in 2011. And now, it has become a market leader. As of 2014, Twitch solidified its spot as the 4the largest video streaming platforms bye user––that is like a lot of little Fortnite playing kids twitching in their seats. Through innovation and consistency, Twitch created a reputation for being reliable. A recent survey place Twitch users at the forefront of satisfied users.


Swarmify isn't a normal YouTube knockoff. It offers a way to whitelabel and migrate your content away from sites like YouTube and onto your own web platform. So this is useful for people who have an audience of viewers and want to provide a web or app experience that is completely whitelabel and branded for viewers. They offer easy ways to automatically import your content from YouTube or Vimeo, as well as simple branding so your video player look and feel can be custom to match your brand.

At Swarmify, our mission is to bring an accelerated, distraction-free video experience to websites of all sizes. Whether you’re a website owner, an agency, or you just want to get in on our affiliate program, we have a plan for you!


Dailymotion is certainly not new to the game. Launched back in 2005, in the same year as YouTube, the French-based platform blasted onto the scene, spreading pixie dust on its way to dominance. For artists, producers, and independent contributors, Dailymotion offers a platform to share mixed content. Dailymotion thrives in a competitive market because of its compatibility, with 18 different languages throughout the globe focusing on informational, educational, engaging content.


Kids! Remember a world without video. Like back in the '90s (like the dinosaur age of the Internet). I know, it isn't a life worth remembering. But Metacafe changed all that and became a giant of video streaming. They were one of the first companies focusing on short-form videos. You know, those little clips that make your laugh wildly while people look at you funny. Ever since 2003, they've focused on entertainment, gaming, and music––the lighter side of life. In 2012, Digital Collective Services acquired Metacafe. During the peak years, Metacafe reported as many as 40 million unique visitors on a monthly. They were a little late to the game in supported languages other than language––how dare they––but that has changed recently.

Regardless of how dominant a video provider is in the market, King Kong always falls in the end. Or, I should say, he climbs and descends and climbs again. Competition is a constant. Don't be lazy, you video providers. There's always someone ready to come and take your share of the market. Um––remember MySpace. Okay, you probably don't. Point taken. Despite the competition, YouTube has managed to keep its spot. How this battle will turn out in the years to come, only time will tell.

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