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Tips for Corporate Video Production

Tips for Corporate Video Production


Creating a video blog and carving your niche in the vlogging world is not rocket science. Dozens of superstars have been discovered right from their couch and achieved viral popularity through video blogging. So, if you have a passion and zeal to shine, you can get an amazing response, instant followers and make a lot of money while you’re at it. But do not start this new venture in a haphazard way. Rather, get a proper game plan for it, for only then you can succeed in the vlogging world of millions. Just like any other field, video blogging is also not an easy task instead; it requires a lot of hard work from the creator’s side. Due to the easy accessibility of the internet, just about every other person has now become a blogger. What will set you apart from such congested crowd will be the quality of your content and your passion and drive to create something useful and practical for your viewers. In all the famous vloggers out there we have seen one thing in common, their drive to create something different for their subscribers and their passion to share their life experiences in an interactive way. They treat their followers like a family and connect with them on a personal level. And their content is enriched with quality knowledge.

Video Production Process

Creating a blog is similar to the video production process. It is not an overnight process rather, a lot of thought and effort goes into it. A great video is worth a thousand words. With everyone watching more and more videos you’re not in the spotlight if you’re not exploiting the huge potential of platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, Facebook and, of course, your own website. Your video content should be laced with quality information and should be productive. But first, you have to plan out your video blogging process and break it down into simple steps. There are three main processes to putting a video together; pre-production, filming, and editing. Exactly how do these stages work is explained in this article.

  • Pre-Production

Planning is of paramount importance. The more time you spend on planning, the smoother the whole video production process will go and the better your final video will be. In this stage, you gather your ideas into a cohesive plan and set goals and objectives for your video. Think about the demographic you want to cover, your budget, and the message your video needs to convey.

You also need to put together the key elements that will define your video. For that, you will be able to develop your script or storyboard beforehand. Your script will not only guide the filming team but also gives the editing team an excellent guide to work from and provide the basis for any additional voiceover work. Apart from that, there are other factors that should be taken into account such as proper lighting. Time is needed to light the foreground, background and the subject. Shadows can appear from nowhere and it can be difficult to work out where they are coming from so don't be rushed. Time taken at this stage will reduce any work needed after the video has been shot.

Finally, double check your audio equipment because no matter how good is your video content if the audio is poor and your viewers can’t comprehend your message then all your efforts will be for nothing.  So, make sure you are using the correct microphones and the sound you need is getting picked up. Use headphones plugged into the cameras to test the audio.

  • Filming

This stage in your video production process is super crucial and important. If you’re shooting an outdoor video then be very cautious and keep an eye on your pieces equipment and tools. Use equipment sign-in/sign-out lists to keep a record of where your equipment is and to minimize the risk of forgetting anything. Ensure that all batteries are charged and spares are available and all equipment is in good working order. While filming, keep to the storyboard or script as much as you can. You can always improvise depending on the situation but keep your focus and use up-to-date equipment. Your camera or camcorder should be in sync with your needs and other filming tools should facilitate your video production process.

  • Editing

Once the filming process is done, you can work on editing it. Use trusted video editing software to turn your videos into a work of art. But do not overdo it and always give preference to audio over video. Though many vlogs are filmed on the go and reflect the raw and natural beauty of the video it’s always best to touch up your video. You can use the latest software such as; Final Cut Pro, Cinema 4D, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc. to edit your videos. This makes suggesting any changes a precise, quick and efficient process. You can use editing features such as trimming, cropping, cutting, splitting and merging to make your vlog more appealing or use some cool animation effects, filters and multiple songs that will set your content apart from the sea of millions. Post-production is like putting the last coat of paint on in a room and it will be well worth the time to learn the basics. This is where your video project will really come to life.


Vlog is all the rage these days. In the sea of millions if you want to attract viewers to your work then obviously you have to work hard and put in a lot of effort behind your content because trust me nothing is served on a silver platter. So if you want to be the best out there follow the video production process by the book and let your creativity shine through. From the pre-production to the final editing phase, stay focused and publish content worth watching. Intricate your ideology into your blog and connect with your viewers on a personal level, for that is the only way to boost up your following.