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Using YouTube on your site is no free lunch

Using YouTube on your site is no free lunch

Your website is important to you and your business. At some point, you decided that publishing video on your website was the required next step in telling your story, building credibility, capturing the attention of your visitors, and boosting engagement with your product, service, or message.

You put in the work to create content designed to foster engagement and build trust with your site's visitors, but YouTube has other ideas. They make it easy to upload, host, and display video on your site with just a few clicks, but let's not forget what their goal is: to funnel your website visitors to YouTube.

They accomplish this by displaying purposefully distracting elements inside their player.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Links
  • Icons
  • Watermarks
  • Branding/logos
  • Overlays
  • Ads
  • Related videos (including those from competitors)

All of these elements link back to YouTube's website and are highly distracting to people visiting your site. Even if ads and related videos are turned off, YouTube's branding, share icons, and other buttons/links remain, causing your site to present an amateurish first impression. Let's not forget about all the heavyweight mechanisms and bloated code aggressively tracking your users, further slowing load times and playback speeds.

Even though YouTube seems great because it's "free", there's a hefty cost to your business.

What is the impact of losing just one new client, product sale, or booking per month on your site when YouTube diverts with your visitor's attention and brings them back to their platform?

So how does a site owner create video experiences that delight and engage visitors?

SmartVideo helps site owners like you remain focused on creating the best possible playback experience for your visitors. While preserving the traffic benefits of YouTube, SmartVideo offers your visitors distraction-free, professional-looking, accelerated playback, that loads fast and won't bog your site down.

The best part?

No wasted time. SmartVideo (installed effortlessly via copy/paste) automatically imports your past, present, and future YouTube videos on your site. Have just a handful, or hundreds/thousands of videos sprawled across many pages on your site? No worries.

SmartVideo will do all of the heavy lifting.