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The best WordPress plugins to boost blog traffic

The best WordPress plugins to boost blog traffic

For every website, gaining an enhanced traffic flow is mandatory if they need to fill in the bank accounts through increased revenue percentage. But gaining the traffic is no joke and requires users to implement a multitude of options in the correct manner to attract the target audience and retain them. No one knows these things from the core, but we have clocked down a collection of plugins aimed at increasing the traffic of the website. These plugins work on directing traffic to the site by making it accessible. So, let’s get to the point and check out the amazing plugins!

Yoast SEO

This is far by the most used plugin in the world of WordPress. This plugin has been ranked at the top and works great if one needs to improve the on-page SEO of their website. The reason for its popularity lies in the user-friendly and intuitive work environment. Yoast has the tendency to pay heed to intricate details of the posts inclusive of snippet optimization, keyword focus, titles, and everything essential. These things help in optimizing the post for a higher position in the search engine result page.

The analyzing section is embedded with red, orange, and green lights, signifying the percentage of meeting the set Yoast standards. For instance, if the content is perfect, green light lights up, and if the percentage is intermediate, orange light is used. The best thing is its readability analysis that is in-line with the Google algorithm. So, just follow this plugin, and you will make a mark with your content. When the content is top-notch, traffic is bound to be directed to your website.

Bloom Email Optin

To reach out to the target audience, email opt-in forms are the perfect fit. In this methodology, the website subscribers are emailed about the new content or articles on the website. It’s easy to state that this plugin keeps the subscribers updated. These forms work on optimizing the traffic flow to the website by regulating it.

Adapting to this methodology frees the users from depending on the search engine result as the traffic is generated through the email invites. If you are improvising top-notch and valuable content, people tend to subscribe to the newsletter, which keeps the door open for enhanced traffic. But to create significant results, one needs to use the high-quality plugin for the email subscription, or else, there will be no point in anything. This plugin is one amazing option with its wide range of pop-up styles and the effective settings range!


If you need to enhance the lead generation, this plugin is a great option that intends to increase the visiting percentage on the website. With this plugin, the traffic will be directed to the website and retained, as well. OptinMonster tracks the user behavior and devises the strategies accordingly that captivates them through the alluring and engaging messages. With this plugin, you don’t have to worry about collecting the emails as it comes with a wide array of modern tools to do so in an effective and efficient manner.


With this plugin, the website owners are at liberty to incorporate notification bars, lightbox pop-ups, and the call-to-action buttons to captivate the user's attention. So, choose this plugin for creating the enhanced lead generation for your WordPress website.

Monarch Social Sharing

Social media platforms are booming, and with the saturated user base, websites can drive immense traffic to the website. If you interlink the website with social media platforms, the content will drive enhanced traffic to the website. This is because people tend to spend more time on social media sites as compared to the search engines. For such cross-functioning, social sharing plugins are often used.

WordPress has an abundance of such platforms, but none of them match the features and efficiency of Monarch. This plugin has the support of over 30 social media networks. The environment is equipped with a simple dashboard, triggers, and optimized pop-ups to enhance the feel of the website.

Thrive Leads

Looking for lead generation through the growth of the email list? With this plugin, your search ends here. This plugin is adorned with advanced features to create the email list efficiently, which poses significant impacts for the enhanced traffic driven to the website. With this plugin, the websites seem to improve the conversion rate significantly. The best thing about this plugin is its user-intuitiveness and ease of use. This ensures that novice website owners get to generate leads without greying their hair!

Revive Old Posts

You have created tons of content, but if it’s not in-line with the ever-changing and advanced trends, it tends to provide null value. This plugin adds life to the old content by optimizing it according to the latest trends. Also, it puts the owners at the liberty to keep the posts active on social media platforms. You can implement this plugin on the articles that have zero visibility as it will be shared on Facebook and Twitter, which acts as a new life for the content. However, keep in mind the active time of the users to make the most out of content revitalization.

Attaining the highest level of engagement is equally important to generate substantial traffic for the website. If you are a YouTube user, you would be aware of the end-cards that portray the similar and related content. This plugin will work similarly for the blogs and articles. The Forbes website often implements this method, so the traffic generation is evident!

Simple Tags

Handling the taxonomy of the posts can be tedious, but through the simple tags, that can be eased. This plugin puts the users at a liberty to configure the tags through the tag management system. This plugin will tag the posts to ensure the content visibility at the top. Simple Tags use the Yahoo! tags, which allow the users to mass up the tag posts. Also, users can auto-link the tags in the post through Simple Tags.