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The Best Private Video Hosting Sites In 2019

The Best Private Video Hosting Sites In 2019

The art of making and uploading videos to make your business prosper has been taking over the World Wide Web for quite a while now, to the point where it has become not only a necessity but also a rule and a way to success for any business today. More than 87 percent of advertisers on the Internet produce recordings as content, while 51 percent of them tout recordings as the substance with the most ideal return-on-investment (ROI). Advertisers and shoppers both concur that video – as a form of art and a way of making businesses succeed – is not going away for quite a long time.

What Is Private Video Hosting?

As of today, video hosting has been around for ages now. This is because of the fact that there is so much more to the world of video than just streaming services such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Nowadays, there is an enormous need for video hosting independent of these huge streaming services. Some may even feel the need to download instead of streaming. This gives rise to private video hosting.

Private or secure video hosting platforms are platforms that guarantee the privacy of the user and guard their content. This procedure helps you shield the videos that you upload from being downloaded unwantedly, and unnecessarily, embedding codes, and even views that have not been personally authorized by you. There are a number of platforms that offer cutting-edge tools in order to help you keep your content safe and sound.

Many businesses and organizations feel the need to have maximum control over how their videos are being distributed and who is watching these videos. Requirements such as the aforementioned cannot always be fulfilled by video hosting websites such as YouTube and other well-known video platforms.

Who Uses Video Hosting?

In addition to YouTubers, video, advertising, and other innovative experts also make use of hosting videos for sneak peeks or joint efforts. For instance, an advertisement taped in the Maldives could be transferred in its rawest form accessible, which also means that it will be extremely difficult to stream. At that point, when it is altered in Britain, post-handled in California and subtitled in Japan.

With plenty of alternatives that are available to you, the video host you finally end up with will be the one that most viably addresses your needs. A site that basically contains hundreds of instructional exercise recordings will have unexpected prerequisites in comparison to a site that is endeavoring to be a niche-explicit YouTube.

Fortunately, there is no deficiency of alternatives and you will have the option to pick between committed streaming management, content-driven video websites, conventional hosts which provide immense video formats and support, and video-explicit hosting arrangements.

Why Is Video Getting So Popular In Businesses?

For those wondering why video is here to stay, it can be said that it is the most preferable method for delivering methods of training new employees, live streaming corporate events so no one misses out on anything that goes on, giving demonstrations of the products and services being retailed, communications between executives not in the same locations, financial reports, and so much more.

At Swarmify, our mission is to bring an accelerated, distraction-free video experience to websites of all sizes. Whether you’re a website owner, an agency, or you just want to get in on our affiliate program, we have a plan for you!

Platforms That Offer Private Video Hosting Services

Vimeo Plus

One of the websites well-known today for offering outstanding private video hosting services is Vimeo Plus. For only $9.95/month or $59.95/year, it offers domain-level privacy. It lets you pick exactly where the videos can be embedded on the Internet. There are no restrictions on the number of sites the user can pick and you will generally have full oversight of your video even outside of Vimeo. You even have the alternative to totally hide your video on Vimeo so it will just appear on the destinations you need it to and the locations you have allowed it to appear on, and no place else.


VdoCipher is a private video hosting platform that lets users host behind a paywall. It delivers absolutely remarkable video security and digital rights management (DRM) by encoding the video stream. At the point when the video stream is conveyed to the video player, the client is validated (an API call is produced using your site, confirming the client to VdoCipher), and at exactly that point is when the video stream is played. This guarantees just that paid clients can see the private video. An extra layer of security that you will definitely actualize on your site would be the paywall, which would guarantee that the page facilitating the video is just open to followers in the very first page.


Another video hosting platform that gets almost everyone’s approval is Wistia. The composed interface demonstrates to you that there's a superior method to post and modify recordings. In any case, you can upload three videos without having to pay for the platform. Additionally, you will get access to altering video tools and a branded player. The marking goes away once you buy a Wistia plan, which usually starts at $99/month and let you upload about 10 recordings. For each extra video, there's an installment of $0.25/month.

Everyone who has a free account of Wistia will most likely be able to modify the video player, rapidly post recordings, include customized thumbnails, send messages or even give shout outs via web-based networking media. Not just that, free clients can likewise protect their videos the assistance of privacy options such as a password and incorporate with existing advertising tools such as MailChimp, Infusionsoft and that's only the tip of the iceberg. What gets Wistia clients going is lead gathering from connected clients and accurate heatmaps for improved examination. Their exceptional paid plans offer significantly more – an unbranded player, watcher history tracking and trend charts. In addition, CTAs, explanations and related recordings help you target higher changes. There is also a 360 video-hosting feature, high transfer speed utilization and the chance to share videos with a team while being private.


Swarmify is designed to be a simple and cost effective option for video. It is clearly targeted at small and medium business owners looking for white label video. They provide the simplest installation of all of the paid options as they have a free plugin for WordPress to simplify configuration. They can import automatically from all of the major video platforms and provide simple unlimited billing. So no complex pricing here. Also, they offer unlimited bandwidth, as much video content as you want, ad free playback, and friendly customer support.

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