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SmartVideo Updates (May 2020)

SmartVideo Updates (May 2020)

Everyone loves updates, right?

Well, we’ve made some to our WordPress plugin and Swarmify Dashboard and want to let you know about them!

These first two additions are relevant for Video Pro subscribers (or AppSumo members who stacked 5+ codes):

  • Watermark/logo - you can now add a watermark/logo directly to your videos from inside the plugin
Add a watermark in the plugin...
and it will display in the bottom right corner of your videos!
  • VAST Ad URL – you can now add your VAST Ad URL within the plugin. No more back and forth between the plugin and your Swarmify Dashboard!
Add your VAST Ad URL here!

These last two additions are for all SmartVideo subscribers:

  • Viewers can now select .5x playback speed while watching a SmartVideo
  • While in the Swarmify Dashboard, you can now mouseover your video view counts to see what domains were connected on a given day and month

That’s it for the new features! In other news, we’ve added a tutorial for installing SmartVideo on a Click Funnels page.

By the way, over the coming weeks and months, we're going to really expand how to make the most of Swarmify for various use-cases here on our blog, so keep your eyes peeled! Oh, and if you're not a member already, join our official Facebook group.

Thanks for being a customer!