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How Skyward SEO Uses SmartVideo To Increase Leadgen Funnel Conversions by 200% On Mobile

How Skyward SEO Uses SmartVideo To Increase Leadgen Funnel Conversions by 200% On Mobile

Skyward SEO is an international lead generation agency specializing in the real estate industry. The core of this business lies in digitally catering to Spain’s booming real estate market and helping the real estate businesses attract more home buyers.

Skyward SEO guides real estate businesses by providing them with streamlined digital marketing techniques so they can generate more leads and expand their online business opportunities. They offer a robust platform known as the CLIV (Capturing Verified International Leads) along with a spectacular book offering that unleashes the secrets of digital marketing for the housing industry. Both the CLIV and the informational book helps clients generate more business and increase their customer base.

Jorge Hernandez is the CEO and Founder of Skyward SEO. He is also the author of the digital marketing book that is sold on Skyward SEO’s website. He has worked over a decade in Innovation and Digital Marketing for the real estate industry and this book is the byproduct of his great experience and efforts.

The Problem

“We were experiencing extremely slow load times for our mobile videos.”

Before discovering Swarmify, Skyward SEO was experiencing slow load times for their videos on mobile devices. They were also suffering from a bad user experience that was impacting their business. The company needed to provide a great mobile video experience to its customers since a lot of them accessed the videos from their phones.

The Solution

Swarmify optimized the mobile video experience for Skyward SEO to the highest potential.

“We attained a +200% conversion rate increase in our Leadgen Funnels.”

The lag and slow loads were taken care of with the SmartVideo platform and the clean and professional video player with its several options created a great end-user experience for their customers. In the end, Skyward SEO was able to achieve a +200% conversion rate in Leadgen Funnels.

At Swarmify, our mission is to bring an accelerated, distraction-free video experience to websites of all sizes. Whether you’re a website owner, an agency, or you just want to get in on our affiliate program, we have a plan for you!

Swarmify is providing this company with instant start and buffer-free playback, along with fast loading speeds for mobile devices. Swarmify’s SmartVideo platform condenses and automates the complex parts of video hosting into a seamless workflow which makes it easier to publish optimized and lag-free videos. This provides a premium end-user experience for customers no matter what device type they are using.  Skyward SEO is now reaping the rewards of switching to Swarmify and their client base is expanding daily.

Advice from customer

“Simplicity and great user experience are everything.”

After suffering at the hands of slow video playbacks on mobile devices and a bad user-experience, Skyward SEO advises people to look for simplicity and the end-user experience when investing in a video player for their businesses. According to Skyward SEO, having a clean and distraction-free video hosting platform saves a business from a lot of headaches in the long run.

Being a digital marketing agency for the real estate industry, Skyward SEO needed to have a responsive video hosting platform that would cater to the video streaming needs of its clients regardless of which device they were using to access the videos. Now their customers enjoy a great viewing experience from any device, while Skyward SEO is enjoying an upward spike in their business.

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