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Seven Key Elements Of The How-To Video

Seven Key Elements Of The How-To Video

In light of recent trends related to YouTube, the creation of How-To videos has spiked up. There was a time when How-To articles and blogs were and they might be even now, but the trend for How-to video has increased given the various factors; effective communication, improved delivery of information, graphics, and much more. How-To videos are essential to the businesses and information providers as they are becoming the mode of communication with their target audience.

As per the research, people are able to remember the written information only for short-term periods as compared to the videos which can be passed in the long-term memory. The stats show that after three days of information delivery, only 10% of the written information was remembered while 65% of the information was remembered provided through the videos. When we take about the videos, they can be formed in three ways in order to stay effective and resonate a proper meaning;

  • Audio – Yes, we know we are talking about the videos here but the audio is still the most important factor, right? So, a video can be created with the voiceover or dialogue to portray and communicate the actual objective of the video
  • Animated Illustrations – When you have to show some stats or takeaways, animated illustrations are the go-to options because of the engaging visuals
  • Visual Action – If you want to show some pictures to your audience, you can add them up and create a video out of it

It has been evident that things said and taught through the videos are long-remembered as compared the written or spoken information. In order to increase the chances of information retaining, users can combine visuals and audio to make one engaging How-To Video. People get bored when they are given instructions but if conveyed through a video; their psychological side is forced to think of it as entertainment to improve the engagement.

All the above-mentioned information and stats portray that the How-To videos are a must-have if you run a business or if you are a vlogger. As it has extreme importance, one has to make sure that the video is perfect. We have compiled together some essential factors of the How-To video which are a must to be added if you wish to produce high engagement while fulfilling the set goals for the video.

  1. Choose The Target Audience
    When it comes to choosing the target audience, you need to be careful as it can have a huge impact on your overall viewership. For instance, if you are making a How-To video for teaching the process of updating the Windows, the target audience has to be tech-savvy and it will not work if you choose the target audience interested in fashion. This will help you add the key points related to the video which are commonly asked by the target audience that you have set.

    In a nutshell, answer all the FAQs asked by the target audience in the most concise way possible
  2. Get Hold Of The Objectives
    Whenever you decide to do something, you set the objectives for it even if it is a small chore. For example, you think about the things you need to do the next before going to sleep which can be called the objectives of the day. When we remember the objectives in daily life, they are essential to be remembered in the video as well. The key objectives of your How-To video can include effective communication, delivery of the information, and improvement of the audience learning. Furthermore, add small steps in the video i.e. add step 1, step 2, and so on to build the understanding
  3. Shed Light On Important Content
    If you are adding the voiceovers along with the graphics, you need to make sure that everything correlates with each other without creating any confusion. For example, when you add some statistical information, make sure your voice over is completely in-line with it to make sure the effective portrayal of the important information
  4. Choose The Right Person
    If you are not a person who likes to sit in front of the camera, find the person who is because if you want to assure your target audience that they are being provided the right information, you need to be confident. Your video needs to be engaging while delivering meaning and information. In order to offer the optimum delivery of the information, you need to choose a person who can communicate everything effectively. So, even if you have to hire someone else, be sure that they are a good communicator to accomplish the set objectives
  5. Modular Approach Is Good
    If the How-To video is too large or if it has too many complex steps, try putting everything down into smaller segments to increase the information being understandable and easy to follow. When you make the smaller segments of the steps and procedure, it will clear out the doubts and confusions of the viewers which are highly likely to be there if they are not well-informed about the steps in the case of a long video
  6. Production Values
    You do not need the post-production techniques or the special effects for the How-To video but if you don’t use the production values the right way, it will lead to the failure of the video being effective. The effective production values include a proper timeline, an effective storyline, shooting, and the right light along with the camera effects
  7. Quality Versions
    If you want your How-To video to be effective and successful, you need to think from the mind of your target audience. For example, if someone in your target audience doesn’t have the audio working on their phone, their video understanding will fail to lead to the affected viewership. So, you can add the subtitles of the voiceover and add the data rates to enable the viewers to have a good experience

These key factors of the How-To videos are a must to follow if you want to improve the viewership!