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Screen Recorder App – The Best Options At Your Disposal

Screen Recorder App – The Best Options At Your Disposal

A screen recorder app is what you need if you’re in search of a way to record the screen of your device directly, without the help of any kind of external camera. With a screen recorder, you can easily make a video of what’s happening on the screen of your mobile phone or computer.

Screen recording is very much like an advanced version of the screenshot. You might want to record your screen to make demos in the form of videos that can be shared online.

For the job of screen recording, it is important to choose the right screen recorder app that would aid you in carrying out the intended task.

There is a wide range of screen recording apps that you can download and install on your device. The thing to keep in mind is that each app offers different features, which is why you need to consider your options before making a choice.

No matter what you’re planning to do with the video, you need the right app for the job. Which is why we’re here today with a list of the top best screen recorder apps that can work wonders for you!

  1. ScreenCam Screen Recorder
    First of all, you don’t have to pay a penny for this. You can effortlessly install ScreenCam from the Play Store.

    Although the app doesn’t provide you with a long list of features and options like other Android screen recorders, ScreenCam deals with the essentials in the best way possible.

    Another reason why ScreenCam is in our list of best screen recorder apps is that it's a lightweight app that doesn't throw ads at you.

    Moreover, the application is receiving regular updates as well, which means it is only going to get better with this one!

    One small drawback is the lack of the picture-in-picture mode. In other words, ScreenCam doesn’t allow you to record yourself with the front camera and record the screen simultaneously.

    Nevertheless, ScreenCam won't disappoint you when it comes to screen recording, changing the bitrate of the video, and recording the resolution and the framerate that you wish to use.
  2. YouTube Gaming
    If you want to record the screen of your device specifically for uploading the video on YouTube, especially if you intend to record games, then YouTube Gaming is the exactly the app that you need.

    The direct integration of this app with YouTube is why it is one of the most used screen recorder apps. However, YouTube Gaming doesn't come with the built-in features and raw power of other screen recorder apps on the list. For instance, the video resolution is limited.

    Nevertheless, the UI of YouTube Gaming is designed in a way that it makes YouTube users feel at home instantly. This familiarity is what makes YouTube Gaming a winner!

    In addition to this, apart from recording games, YouTube Gaming is indeed helpful when it comes to recording specific apps. Also, you can make use of this app to simply mirror your entire Android screen.

    One amazing feature of YouTube Gaming is that it informs you how much recording time you have left according to the storage capacity of your smartphone. Now, wouldn't that be helpful?
  3. OBS Studio
    Packed with highly useful and amazing features, OBS Studio is doubtlessly the best free screen recorder app for making high-quality recordings of your device’s screen.

    If you’re a keen gamer who wants to capture gaming videos on your screen, the OBS Studio is the best screen recorder app that you can opt for. Not only is it completely free to use, but OBS Studio is also an open-source that comes without any kind of restrictions.

    With OBS Studio, you can record high definition videos of any length with no restrictions on the number of your recordings.

    The best part is that, with OBS Studio, you can record games while they’re running in full-screen mode as the app records directly from your graphics card.

    Although it might take a little longer in setting it up in the desired manner, nonetheless we assure you that it's truly worth it!
  4. AZ Screen Recorder
    One of the most popular and widely used screen recorder apps, AZ Screen Recorder is said to be the ultimate gold standard for all the screen recorder apps out there.

    This lightweight application could be downloaded effortlessly, it’s easy to operate, and cheap as well! What more does one want?

    In addition to this, AZ Screen Recorder comes with a built-in overlay button that doesn’t interfere with the recorded content.

    Another amazing feature is that AZ Screen Recorder allows you to record from the front camera as well so that you can easily add commentary or game streams to your recording.

    Moreover, if you're in search of a screen recorder that would also allow you to edit your videos, AZ Screen Recorder could be your ultimate savior with its built-in video editor.

    So, with AZ Screen Recorder, not only can you record your screen, but also shave away the parts that seem unnecessary. Plus, there's no need for following any time limits, and the app also doesn't have any watermarks!

    We assure you that your $2.99 won’t go to waste with this one!
  5. Google Play Games
    Another efficient screen recorder, Google Play Games is not just a hub for mobile gaming, but it also offers a flawless screen recording function. However, this screen recorder is often only used by gamers.

    Nevertheless, there’s a way you can get around the games only limitation. Wondering how? simply by exiting the game mid recording and then moving on to record whatever app you want!

    Even so, we’d probably just recommend this one for gamers only.

    With all the above-mentioned screen recorder apps (or only one of them), you can readily record the screen of your smartphone, and then move on to share or upload your recording on whatever website you want to!

So, what are you waiting for? Start recording now!