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Photography Themes In Wordpress

Photography Themes In Wordpress

There is no argument over the fact that Wordpress is one of the most popular websites today that is being used by and in conjunction with more than 31% of the total websites from all over the world. A significant part of the stated percentage accounts for big brand names like Sony Music, BBC America, The Harvard Gazette, etc. In all honesty, the primary reason for this is that creating your website on Wordpress is that it's free, you have ownership and control of your content, its resourceful and it's stable and powerful in terms of efficiency.

To create your photography website which is exclusive ‘Wordpress.org.' you need to have a domain name and a web hosting account – now this is managing your website in terms of contracts, sponsors and storing your content/files. Both of these prerequisites cost around $25 per year which is pretty economical and now in collaboration with Bluehost which offers a discount of up to 60%, it's even more convenient.

To make your website attractive you need to have an articulate theme that looks attractive to the audience. One of the most highly rated (4.5-star rating out of 5) and the popular theme is named ‘Photography’. This theme comes with the complete tools and features needed to make your website presentable and then bankable. It has 70+ pre-designed portfolio and gallery templates, 2 lightbox plug-ins, and 9 thumbnails hover effects. Furthermore, it has a variety of options to help protect your galleries, has photo proofing, client archive pages, and even customer protection. What's more, there are 24 pre-existing demos with monochromatic skins. All demos are ready for 1-click imports so you may instantly get started on your photography website.

Also, for the themes which cater to the niches of fashion photography, commercial photography, to lure creative agencies which specialize in advertisements and marketing, etc – themes like ‘Oshine’ and ‘Impreza’ are the ones to go for. While the former offers 3 beautiful demos and over 100 pre-built sample pages which you can install and use in 1 click. Designed following professional photographers, it has a modern and stylish design, stunning sliders, carousels, password-protected galleries, etc. To make your website more personalized, it further offers dozens and several of the website's layout designs and control over its thematic colors and typography, menu styles, and header styles. All of this is to be verified via the fact that it has a 5/5 rating on average in Themeforest’s market. The later now, has an impressive resume regarding the construction of multipurpose websites, having a 4.8/5 rating. It has good ties with popular plugins like WPBakery Visual Page Builder and Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer. With these plugins, you can create virtually any type of website using this theme, including an excellent photography site. They even have a 1-click photography demo ready for use when imported. Furthermore, it even has 17 portfolio grids, advanced header and footer varieties to create a charming-looking website for you.

However, there are numerous other exclusively professional and elegant themes are available in the market. One of them is named ‘Novo Photography’. It is amazing for people who are just starting as it has a user-friendly interface, as you may configure through the settings and design it according to your preference without ever needing to hire an expensive and high-end coder or website developer. Its most useful feature is its staunch photoprotection programs which also include password protection and watermark protection. This aids in the prevention of content and intellectual theft which may cause you professional and monetary loss. Speaking of which, you may be able to sell your work as this also has various eCommerce options. To actually start your website, you may just simply import a predefined demo and tailor it according to your preference.

Into the bargain, we also have one of the most talked-about and strong themes which are known as ‘Divi’. It makes use of the visual Divi Builder Plugin which allows you to the option of simply dragging and dropping to create your website, coupled with the numerous and admittedly classy layouts and that too, at an affordable price. Its list of content features includes; 46+ galleries, portfolio templates, sliders, etc for the plugin of the photography site. Additionally, it comes with 20+ brilliant pre-set layout options from the Divi Community. You may even find Divi supported themes on the web. Divi offers you the complete liberty to customize it according to your vision.

Another one that is a market popular is ‘Encode’. While it does not specifically facilitate photography, it does have features that do. Its concept templates are quite efficient to get your website up and running. There is also a load of demo pages such as (about, services and contact). These are already available with different pre-sets of layouts which up to your discretion. Of course, there are also some header options that allow you to present media (namely your photo portfolio, gallery) in different animation styles which have a vital impact on the aesthetic appeal of your website.

Talking more about commercial photography – and particularly wedding photography these two seem to be the two most viable options: ‘Exposure’ and ‘Milea’. Both of these literally radiate the picture-perfect class, grace and soft hues needed in wedding photography, while still projecting professionalism. The design and demo of both of these cater sufficiently to these. In the later (Milea) there's a drag and drop which gets you to start preparing your layout matching your standards and requirements – be it Instagram feeds, "About Me" sections, etc. In ‘Exposure’ the theme’s framing of the gallery portfolio is articulately placed so that the important images are not overseen, with the color palette comprising of simple pastel colors and the typography elegant.

Competition gets tough as the market saturates but it also creates a creative cycle of community which in turn gives clients more variety and further encourages other amateurs to finally make a living off their talent and – passion.