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OTT Services – A Comprehensive Overview

OTT Services – A Comprehensive Overview

Can you imagine your life without entertainment? Going on with your monotonous job day in and day out can be a tedious task if you don’t have something to look forward to. This is where entertainment comes to play and of such tools is television content. Numerous television shows and movies are a meditative tool that takes your mind off of the daily grind.

In this technologically advanced era, everything has turned into a competition. Be it the high-tech computers or the television industry itself, it’s all about winning the race now. Traditional linear TV targets viewers limited to a certain demographic and the long and more frequent advertising that saturates the programs are an ultimate no-no for the viewers paying a high premium. They get fed up and feel violated when bombarded with an excess of untargeted advertisement.

As a result, viewers increasingly replace their cable and satellite TV subscriptions with OTT streaming. Without the interference of the traditional middlemen, OTT offers content owners and advertisers alike the opportunity to connect better with audiences and ultimately drive more revenue. But the question is, what is an OTT? If you’re interested to know we suggest you keep on reading because we’re about to explain it in layman terms.

OTT in layman term

OTT is all the rage these days, but what good is it if you don’t even understand its functionality. Worry not, we will help you catch up with the 21st century in no time. Over The Top service, commonly known as OTT refers to devices that go “over” a cable box to give the user access to TV content. In OTT channels, content is delivered via an internet connection rather than through a traditional cable or broadcast provider. Some of the most popular OTT providers are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

In layman term, OTT and video are intertwined but they are exactly the same thing. OTT is a media that delivers video content to the end users. And it is super simple to set-up and operate. Most OTT providers have their own app, website, or page of some kind where a user can log in to access the content available with the subscription.

Due to its many advantages, users are subscribing to OTT media left and right. To make you understand this sudden fluctuation from Traditional broadcast television to over the top content source, we are going to shed light on the many advantages of an OTT.

User-oriented Service Provider

OTT Services are changing the way the world views TV and video. More and more people are subscribing to OTT Services every day out of which Netflix is winning the race with its nominal $12/monthly subscription fee. But the question is why is everyone choosing OTT over traditional linear TV? Let us explain, with so much advancement in technology the viewers are now accustomed to the lavish luxuries of life. They want to get things done with just a snap of their fingers and most importantly they have become prone to my way or the highway policy.

OTT service provider understands the difficult challenges of today and thus have molded itself to facilitate the users and provide them with a worthy experience. Its existential purpose revolves around user satisfaction that encourages it to constantly evolve and provide its users with more shows, more availability, and access to the content anywhere in the world. According to Leichtman Research, survey data from 2017 showed that 54% of U.S. adults used Netflix.

And that's bleak compared 785 million users that subscribe to an OTT provider (such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video) worldwide.

Good Internet Connection Works Like a Charm For OTT

OTT services circumvent traditional media distribution channels such as telecommunications networks or cable television providers. But having access to an internet connection either locally or through a mobile network is a must-have.  With a strong internet connection with of least 25 Mbps streaming power, you can access the complete viewing service at your leisure without getting frustrated by constant buffering. OTT thinks for you before you do. It understands that after the grind you go through a single day at work, you want to take a breather and relax rather than worry about faulty video content provider. That is why it comes with a complete guide on how to successfully operate the OTT Services without having to worry about poor streaming.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Advertisement

People’s tolerance for advertisements is at an all-time low and thanks to the DVR, viewers take every opportunity to fast-forward through advertisements. The traditional cable networks do not give that option and so you have no option available than to watch your favorite contents with long and frequent advertisements. This proves to be a test of will for those viewers that are already fed up with the hardships of the day and thus make them question the decision of paying a hefty subscription premium.

It’s become increasingly difficult for traditional media distribution channels to meet the requirements of demographically challenged users. Mass advertisements may work for massive consumer brands like Budweiser or Honda but isn’t realistic for smaller, more specialized brands and products.

Today’s audience is practical and knows what it likes. OTT understands that and thus provide more visibility into what’s being watched, who’s watching and on what device. This gives advertisers the ability to create highly personalized and interactive advertising experience. In addition to this, OTT users have the choice to either skip over advertisements or pay for an ad-free experience. The users are quickly switching to Netflix or other OTT servers because they are more cost-effective, with similar content offerings, and user's ultimate control over advertising.

Multiple OTT Subscriptions

The best feature about OTT service providers is that you can go for multiple subscriptions all at once. These subscriptions are extremely affordable that enables a user to spend on Netflix,  Hulu, and Amazon Prime all for under $30 a month, in addition to the monthly cable plans. This gives users access to an enormous library of commercial-free shows and recently-aired cable shows. Also, Amazon Prime offers free two-day shipping on Prime products and various other benefits. And the best part is, you can access all this on multiple media. You can either use it on your Smart TV, Computers, or get an add on device for your current TV and enjoy your enormous library anytime you like.