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How ProDigi Uses SmartVideo for Video Hosting and Added 20,000 Students to Their Online Courses

How ProDigi Uses SmartVideo for Video Hosting and Added 20,000 Students to Their Online Courses

ProDigi is an Indonesian based online learning platform that provides interactive workforce training. They have various course offerings ranging from information technology, business management, photography, to foreign languages.

ProDigi helps its customers by preparing them to enter the workforce. Their courses are geared towards various industries and all training is coherent with the needs of the working world. They have a team of highly vetted teachers who are experts in their fields of study and are always there to bring workforce awareness to their students.

Grandy Prajayakti is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of ProDigi. ProDigi’s mission is to provide educational videos and help people tackle the challenges that come with entering the workforce.

Grandy Prajayakti celebrating with his wife and daughter
“We were having a lot of buffering with our videos”

ProDigi was experiencing a lot of buffering with their online videos. As a result, they were facing low enrollment rates and user retention issues. Only a few users were signing up for the courses.

The biggest benefit ProDigi achieved after switching to Swarmify was significant growth in its user base. Initially, they started with only a hundred users but after implementing Swarmify they witnessed a huge spike in the number of users that enrolled for their courses.

“Exponential growth of users from only a hundred to thousands of users every month.”

Swarmify guarantees lag and buffer-free video playback to its customers through its SmartVideo platform. Small to medium-sized business owners, content creators, and e-learning platforms are mostly in need of fast video playback on their websites.

At Swarmify, our mission is to bring an accelerated, distraction-free video experience to websites of all sizes. Whether you’re a website owner, an agency, or you just want to get in on our affiliate program, we have a plan for you!

Swarmify delivered its promise to ProDigi and eradicated their buffering issues. Due to fast video and playback delivery, ProDigi started noticing an increase in their enrollments which skyrocketed after switching to Swarmify. Per Grandy, ProDigi now achieves more than 20,000 users in about two months.

“We acquired 20,000 users in about 2 months now.”

ProDigi strongly believes that Swarmify can help any application or platform achieve excellence. This is especially true if you are facing buffering issues or if your business is not growing per expectations. By employing Swarmify, not only will you deliver optimized videos and content to your customers, but as a result, a spike in user retention and enrollment rates will also happen.

“Trust Swarmify to help your app perform with excellence.”

Swarmify mitigated the delays for ProDigi and buffering became a thing of the past. An educational platform cannot afford to have buffering delays as that equates to loss of valuable time for the students and a loss of business as well. Since ProDigi is an organization that focuses on work preparedness, they have to mentor and train students regularly and depend on their video platform to deliver content. After switching to Swarmify, ProDigi secured its customer base by delivering optimized videos and their business is now flourishing.

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