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Top 7 M3U8 Player's

Top 7 M3U8 Player's

You have some .m3u8 files or an M3U8 live streaming video link but have no idea how to play it on your Windows PC or Mac? Well, you do not have to download the videos in order to watch it anymore. Because we have listed the best M3U8 Players here.

What is M3U8?

M3U8 is the Unicode version of M3U, which is a file format based on the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol implemented by Apple. It gets used for live streaming videos and is considered an http based media streaming protocol. To have a streaming M3U8 video, you must have an M3U8 player and a streaming url for it to play. Originally, Apple developed this format to stream video and radio on iOS devices, now it is a common format used for this purpose. This particular format involves online files from an internet radio station, song playlist, or a range of videos. To view the M3U8 format files, you will need a player that will enable you to watch and listen to the audios or videos in such a format. Such files have a .m3u8 extension, commonly a plain text-based playlist format. These are some of the best M3U8 Players for Windows and Mac.

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Reviews of Some Prime M3U8 Players:

It happens every so often that, you have to open up M3U8 format files but not having a player is preventing you from doing so. Whether you are on Windows, or on Mac, you would need a good player app first for this purpose. If you are confused about it, below are some top M3U8 Players for you to choose from.

  1. HLSPlayer.net:
    The first one on our list is HLSPlayer.net. It is a very convenient option if you want your .m3u8 files to get opened. You can simply paste the URL of the video into the URL box. Click on Play to load the video and get it streaming. But the exception is that this way you will not be able to preload your m3u8 files. You can even use it to access media files in other formats as it is able to work as an RTMP and MP4 Player too. It will play your required video and audio files smoothly. A smooth and effective choice for an M3U8 Player.
  2. 5KPlayer:
    With the ability to analyze URLs and help you to download videos, it is one of the best M3U8 Player so far. When you download an M3U8 format video from there, it will convert it into MP4, FLV, MKV, WMV, etc. This way you can watch the videos directly. It also enables direct video streaming without any other requirement of another tool besides this one. Whether you have a direct link, or you want to have to watch a live streaming video, it is able to do both. It may take a while for you to download the Player, but it will function greatly. Or if you desire, you can use it with the Chrome Extension too.
  3. Castr Live Streaming Player:
    It is an excellent M3U8 Player that is able to stream live videos in top-notch quality. It is quite easy-to-use for your streaming purposes. All you need to do is to fill the URL of the file and get it streamed directly. There are a lot of live streaming features that Castr offers. It can serve you in an absolutely effective way with the fullest control in your hands. You can rewind the live stream, cloud record the video, a low amount of time-delay, and much more. While you focus on your videos, Castr focuses on providing you the best service.
  4. OSMF HLS Plugin:
    An OSMF based player, which will enable you to playback Apple's HLS Format M3U8 files. OSMF HLS Plugin is able to work in many video qualities and will serve to be a smooth video streamer for your M3U8 files, and works for Video on Demand, Live, and DVR streaming equivocally. You will get a fully featured, video streaming experience like none other. It can decode H.264 Video and also MP3 files for you. It has the capability to decrypt AES-128 / SAMPLE-AES streams which are encrypted. Moreover, this useful M3U8 Player can handle tags. In short, it is a perfectly capable video streaming source offering a number of features to you.
  5. Web IPTV Channel Player:
    A simple, and easy channel player which offers you to watch your desired videos in different formats. It enables M3U, M3U8, MP4, RTMP, TS formats, etc. Like other players, it just asks you to provide the URL of the video and here you go. There is one difference in this simplistic streamer that it narrows the stream to one single stream and does not play a playlist. It provides a subtle video streaming and offers a great deal as an M3U8 Player. You may opt for this one if you do not need to play a complete M3U8 playlist.
  6. JW Player Stream Tester:
    Enabling you both HLS and MPEG-DASH adaptive streaming, JW Player Stream Tester works perfectly fine for your M3U8 video streaming cause. It plays and supports those M3U8 files only which the DRM makers support, as it JW Player is a DRM supporter. It also enables testing and debugging the HTML source for you to provide a safe streaming route. The unsafe HTTP streams will get tested with the deprecated stream tester of JW Player.
  7. VLC – Offline M3U8 Player:
    VLC is a renowned desktop file media player which works both directly as well as after download. It can easily play your M3U8 videos and is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac. You can also use a browser extension of VLC for this purpose. Your M3U8 videos will have the perfect audibility and stream available to you. VLC has it all that you have been looking for in an M3U8 Player.
    Streaming your M3U8 files is not a problem anymore. These were seven of the most common and popular M3U8 Players. With each one of them having specific features, you can easily choose the one which suits perfectly to your requirements.

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