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iPhone Tripod

iPhone Tripod


iPhone has the best camera feature for a reason. Its picture quality is as good as some of the professional cameras. That is why professional photographers have been found capturing the best of moments with their iPhones. The picture resolution comes out to be good with an added utility of being of it being lightweight and easily portable. Adding a few accessories to adjust low lights and capture wider angled landscapes will just add to the beauty of the iPhone. One such accessory that beats the utility of others is an iPhone tripod. Using a phone tripod is great for taking action shots, shooting in low lights or capturing long exposure photos. It is also a must-have accessory for all the video bloggers out there.

But with so many tripods out there, choosing a perfect one for your cause can be a tricky task. You should always look for the following criteria when opting for your ideal tripod;

1.    A tripod should be lightweight and portable, so one does not have to lug it wherever they go.

2.    It should be sturdy enough to support the weight of your phone and should have a firm grip.

3.    A tripod should be affordable so much so that its replacement cost does not come as a shock to you.

Based on such criteria we have scavenged the internet to find the best iPhone tripods out there. We have listed them below explaining their features so our readers can decide for themselves which tripod they want to go for!

•    Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod

Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod is the go-to accessory for all the adventure lovers. This tripod comes with bendable legs that can be wound around any uneven surfaces. You can wrap its legs around a pole, branch or even a railing. Now shooting sharp and shake-free photos are super simple with the Gorilla Pod.

The plastic ball head is adjustable and you can rotate it up till 360 degrees or even up and down depending upon the angle you are going for but rest assured that your phone will not wobble because of Joby’s tight grip. It also comes with a universal tripod mount that allows you to attach your phone to the tripod. Joby has just one teeny flaw, although adjusting the legs will help balance but you still have to be careful with the tripod because it will topple over if you’re not too careful. This tripod is compatible with all models of iPhone including iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR

•    UbeeSize Aluminum

What sets this tripod apart is not its silver color compared to all black tripods available in the market rather, it is famous because it comes with a tripod adapter of its own and thus users do not have to pay extra bucks for the adapter. This all-in-one tripod allows the iPhone to mount up to 3.75’. Its grip is a phenomenon in itself; it can easily secure the biggest of phones out there.

The three tripod legs are flexible and can be adjusted individually. It is perfect for uneven surfaces and allows you to take the perfect shot even in the roughest of terrains. The UbeeSize Aluminum is a complete package and is available with the Bluetooth remote control which makes taking pictures all the more exciting.  If you are looking for a great iPhone tripod on a budget, the UbeeSize is the best option out there.

•    Manfrotto B PIXI

Manfrotto is one of the best tech-savvy companies out there that is known for its quality products. They thrive on customer satisfaction and are always on the verge of keeping up with the latest technologies this industry has to offer. With such a no-nonsense attitude, how can we not review Manfrotto B PIXI tripod? It is a go-to tripod for all the professional photographers out there.

It is made of techno-polymer and aluminum and that is why its sturdy legs can support even an entry-level DSLR though it is used mostly for mobile photography. It is heavier than other tripods in the market but that is to be expected of its super sturdy exterior.  Its functional design allows the ball to move freely when you press the company logo button and once you’re done adjusting you can lock the position by releasing the button. This tripod works best for even surfaces and it comes with just one standard length.

•    Eocean Selfie Stick Tripod

This multi-purpose gadget is a power pack when compared with all the other products in the market. Though recently introduced, it is giving a tough competition to all the other tripods out there. This two-in-one gadget is a hybrid between a selfie-stick and a tripod.

It folds to a height of 31.5 cm which makes it an excellent travel companion. And it captures the best wide panoramic scenery with its 100 cm extension. The mount that comes with it is secured by screws and not springs which add to its already sturdy exterior and makes it perfect for heavy phones. It also comes with an added value bonus which is a wireless remote control. Now your pictures are just one click away. It also allows you to take long exposure photos and the best part about it is that you can also connect the remote to your iPhone via Bluetooth. This unique and versatile product is pocket-friendly and comes with just one tiny flaw it can be a little unstable in high winds so keep it as short as possible.


Vast technological development has presented us with multiple options. Now it depends on you what to choose a tripod that meets your needs. But before going to the shop, make sure you have your goal set in mind and have a clear vision of what your video content is going to be. And enter the videography and photography world with a bang! So, best of luck with your choice and make sure to comment whether you find this article useful or not.