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How Ignite Images Uses SmartVideo as a YouTube Alternative

How Ignite Images Uses SmartVideo as a YouTube Alternative

Ignite Images is an organization based in the UK that provides corporate and event photography services. Their niche is in brand promotion photography at corporate events. The company offers a plethora of services to its clients ranging from instant photo printing, brand activations, conference photography, charity events to social promotion, and experiential events.

Serving people and their needs is the core standard offered by this company. They help their customers by taking into consideration the unique needs of every client and their photoshoot. By working very closely with the event organizers, they deliver the individual requirements and offer the best photographic service possible. They also offer unbeatable prices and extend a friendly and enduring working relationship to all their clients.

Philip Atkinson is the owner and main photographer of Ignite Images. Philip and his company are dedicated and experienced in providing professional photographic services for awards ceremonies, team building days, social events, sporting events, Asian weddings, and headshots.

Philip Atkinson: owner and main photographer of Ignite Images

Before stumbling on to Swarmify, Ignite Images was on the lookout for a clean and professional-looking video hosting platform for their website. Having a seamless video player was particularly important for its clients and business needs.

“We were looking for a clean and professional video player for our website.”

Swarmify offered substantial improvements and benefits for Ignite Images. First and foremost, their video player looks more professional now as opposed to the YouTube and Vimeo embeddings they were using previously.

At Swarmify, our mission is to bring an accelerated, distraction-free video experience to websites of all sizes. Whether you’re a website owner, an agency, or you just want to get in on our affiliate program, we have a plan for you!

The Swarmify platform also offered a distraction-free viewing experience that resulted in conversions, which subsequently caused an increased shift in their search-engine rankings as well. Last but not the least, Ignite Images had a ton of GIFs that they were able to convert to videos and streamed via Swarmify.

Our search-engine rankings went up after we switched over to Swarmify. Making the switch has led to a significant increase in our business.”

Ignite Images has found a great YouTube alternative in the form of Swarmify. The SmartVideo platform reduced their videos to smaller sizes, which resulted in instant loads. It also optimized the video quality and provided an enhanced end-user experience for their customers. Ignite Images continues to enjoy a cleaner and more polished video player along with a thriving customer base.

Advice from customer

Ignite Images is quite happy to have found their alternative YouTube video hosting platform. They use AWS S3 for their cloud storage and according to them, using Swarmify in conjunction with S3 will provide extra flexibility and control.

Making a switch to Swarmify was a great move for Ignite Images. Not only were they able to offer a cleaner looking video hosting platform to their customers, they also garnered a ton of other benefits including accelerated load speeds, an unbranded and distraction-free platform along with a spike in their search engine rankings. Thanks to Swarmify, Ignite Images was able to showcase their beautiful event photography in the best way possible.

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