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HTML5 Video Tag – Is It Worth Using?

HTML5 Video Tag – Is It Worth Using?

For vloggers or the people and businesses that are interested in marketing their videos, the choice of the video player is of crucial importance. It is next to impossible for you to achieve your desired results in terms of video marketing if you fail to choose a suitable video player. Thanks to the advancements in this era of internet and technology, the options available at your disposal are truly mind-boggling. One of the finest, however, is the HTML5 video player that makes extensive use of the HTML5 video tag, the latest and the most modern introduction in the world of HTML. In order to help you make an informed decision, we have taken the liberty of highlighting a few of the major benefits of HTML5 video player. Take a look and decide for yourself.

The Use Of HTML5 Video Tag – Where Integration And Management Make It Simpler

The first and the foremost reason to make use of the HTML5 video player is that it makes extensive use of HTML5 video tag. With the use of this built-in video tag, it is far more convenient and efficient to embed your video into your website, either personal or business. Thanks to these tags, management of the embedded videos have been made easier than ever before. The HTML5 video tag is known to give full control of the video player to the user so you can make sure that it is exactly in line with your individual requirements. Are you looking forward to integrating your video on your website with added features like preloading seamlessly in the background, choosing the thumbnail for the video, making it autoplay, or put it on an infinite loop? Then the HTML5 video tag is an impeccable option for you. But the list of amazing features that you get to relish with the HTML5 video tag isn’t confined to just that. You can also use the tag to have the control for manually playing or pausing the video and make adjustments to the sound that enables you to get the most out of it.

Another major benefit of the HTML5 video tag is that it makes your video compatible with various different formats. Owing to a range of them available, with different users accessing your website via different browsers, each of which may support a different format, the compatibility with a myriad of formats with the use of HTML5 video tag comes in handy as it ensures that none of your audience will have to be disappointed in terms of failure to watch the video on your website. The HTML5 video tag uses browser compatibility and detects the kind of format that is suitable for each visitor and plays the video in the same format to optimize the user experience. Putting it simply, there will no longer be a need for your users to install additional plugins just so they can watch the video on your website. In the unlikely event that none of the formats are found suitable for a unique visitor, however, there is always an option to use the conventional flash method and help the user get access to the video on your website.

A Few More Benefits Of The HTML5 Video Player

Remember that updating your website to the latest technology is imperative as it ensures the optimum user experience. Since HTML5 video tag is the newest one, it makes your website and the videos compatible with all of the mobile and smart devices out there. With this custom video player, it is convenient for you or your business to increase its customer base as it is made possible for the users to watch your video via any device, from anywhere across the world and at any given time as long as they have a working internet connection.

For someone who is using the videos to market their business, products, or services, the importance of including clickable links within the video is unparalleled. Such a technique helps promote interaction with the potential customer and enables you to deliver all the information that they need in a quick and effective fashion. But that is not all, even if you are looking for integration with a bunch of different application, the HTML5 video player has got you covered. Be it Twitter, Skype, or any number of applications used for email marketing such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, you can easily integrate them into your video with the use of HTML5 video player.

An important component of user experience is the styling of the content that is being made available to them. An individual or a business may have individual requirements in terms of styling the videos in hopes of giving a unique yet satisfying experience to its audience. The HTM5 video tag doesn’t disappoint you in this league either. The custom video player enables advantages from a range of design options including changing the border, gradients, or even reflections. A few of the other styling options available at your disposal include changing the transitions, opacity, animations, and using unique transformations for each of your videos. As is evident, therefore, the HTML5 video tag is not only suitable for integration and management of your videos, but the style elements that it has to offer are also up to date.

Final Note

If non-technical terms were used, the use of HTML5 video tag for video marketing purposes is like stepping into a battlefield with a polished sword that offers impeccable sharpness, amazing power, and better handling. Don’t you think the chances of your success in a battlefield with such a sword are quite a bit higher? In technical terms, on the other hand, you can think of using the HTML5 video tag as a tool that enables you to deliver the finest experience to your audience by giving them access to watch your videos without requiring them to install additional plugins on their devices. Like any other tool, all you’ve got to do is give it a go to see the difference for yourself.