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How to use video for lead generation

How to use video for lead generation

In the world, the most popular, as well as the largest video-sharing site, being YouTube and there’s no doubt in it. Over and above that, it enables content creators to access a large number of audiences through just a few clicks.

It is also a great medium for engaging new prospects as well as converting viewers into customers for businesses.

Are you up and about to make videos for your YouTube channel and want to make it a big hit?

It's delightful to know that YouTube is indeed a profitable way of lead generation. In fact, generating leads is essential if you want to make the most out of your business.

It is the process or action of finding and encouraging potential consumers for the services and products of your business. More often, lead generation intends to effectively grab the attention of new consumers which would add to the growth and development of your business.

Being a video creator, are you looking for the ways of lead generation? Let this article explain to you the effective ways via which you can generate leads by making videos on YouTube. Keep on reading:

  1. Optimization of Your YouTube Channel:

A valuable part of your strategy of lead generation can be videos. Keeping this in view, optimizing your YouTube channel can get you more leads.

In order to fulfill this purpose, you need to work out phrases and keywords viewers search for finding your videos in the first place. To your YouTube channel, you can then make the addition of a keyword-rich description.

The next part is adding links in the description of your channel. Doing so will direct your audiences to landing pages where they will be able to search for additional information regarding your business. In this way, your website would acquire highly targeted traffic.

  1. Optimization of Your YouTube Videos:

For generating more leads, not only do you need optimization of your channel but of your YouTube videos also.

Bear in mind that Google performs indexing of YouTube videos. In similar search results, you could show up many times by including your brand name and keywords in the titles of your videos.

Pondering over what to do for optimization of your videos? In the descriptions of your video, add shortened URLs with calls to action as well as keywords. The call to action element will motivate the audience to make a visit of a landing page or your site offering something special.

To fully serve this purpose, you can get the benefit of the tagging feature of YouTube as well. Not only does this feature is there to determine your video’s relevance but also groups together similar videos. In this way, your video will appear as a related video when people will be viewing alike content.

  1. Collaboration with Influencers

It’s, in fact, a fruitful way of enhancing your content’s visibility as doing so will put a considerable impact on its shares. On top of that, you will be able to get the trust of new viewers and that too at a faster pace.

When it comes to increased lead generation, a particularly helpful and powerful approach can be featuring industry influencer’s testimonials.

To accomplish this purpose, you can reach out to different kinds of influencers. To add fuel to fire, picking up influencers in your niche and industry will get you the most benefit.

For pairing up for your brand’s endorsement, few highly effective influencers would be PewDiePie, Jon Loomer, Dude Perfect, etc.

In contrast, if you think of collaborating with a popular celebrity having a great number of followers, think twice. Wondering why? Simply because that celebrity doesn’t belong to your field, thus, his/her opinions won’t be as beneficial for your business as of a more relevant personality.

What’s even better? Partnering up with micro-influencers will be helpful for you in creating highly relevant content generating more leads on YouTube.

On social media, micro-influencers have nearly 10k followers typically and can be inclusive of bloggers as well as leaders from the industry.

Although they have a smaller number of followers in comparison to major influencers, their audience has great and even more respect and trust for them. Mind it.  

  1. Creation of Content that Engages

Take into account that engaging and relatable videos are key for converting audiences into customers. For that reason, create only engaging content. Thinking of how to do that? Here’s the solution:

  • Demonstrative Videos for Educating Potential Customers: Businesses can make use of YouTube videos for educating potential consumers with regard to their offered services and products. In case your product comes with unique features, creating a demonstrative video regarding its use and explaining the reason for purchasing it from you is an effective approach.  
  • Videos Based on Frequently Asked Questions: YouTube videos can also work well if they contain anticipated questions and answers with respect to your products. For example, if you make and sell keto-friendly products, you can make videos regarding frequent questions e.g., Who should have them? What’s the nutritional content of a certain item? How to store? For how long can you consume it? Is consuming such products generally safe for everyone?

When your audience will be well-aware of your products, they will be more likely to make purchases. As a whole, you can effortlessly simplify your services and present them to the audience in an easily understandable way in this manner.

  1. Make the Most Out of Social Media: Share Your Videos on All Platforms

Sharing your videos on every of the platform of social media increases the probability of generating more leads to a great extent. Be it Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and even Pinterest, do share your videos on each of these platforms.  


So, these were some of the highly effective ways which can be helpful in lead generation through YouTube Videos. Now go for incorporating them in every of your upcoming video to generate more leads, in turn, generate more revenue. At large, it's favorable for the smooth running of your business in the long run.