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How To Reduce The Video Size – A Complete Guide

How To Reduce The Video Size – A Complete Guide

We all have been to a point when the file size of the video is too large for us because we always look for the HD videos and they can take up a lot of space. When it comes to the disks and space, a video enthusiast person is always running out of it so reducing the size of the video file is essential. We have gathered top ways that can help you reduce the file size of the video without compromising the quality. Have a look!

Reduce The Video File Size Through the Software on Mac & Windows

When you need to do everything on the computer, why not reduce the file size of your video there as well? In order to accomplish that, you can choose to use HandBrake or Freemake Video Convertor to lighten the file size. In the section below, we have added six methods to shrink the file size of the video through Freemake Resizer as it allows the users to reduce the file size automatically as well as manually.

Method One – Reducing the File Size Automatically

This section will enable you to reduce the file size of the video automatically, so, keep reading to do it all automatically

  1. First of all, download the Freemake Video Resizer and run it on the computer
  2. Open the application and add the video
  3. Once you have added the video, choose the output format and choose the size you desire
  4. Click on the “reduce size” button and let the application do its work

While choosing the desired file size, make sure you choose from the list so that the quality of the video is retained. This method will not demand you working on the video parameters as the application does everything on its own. However, if you have the video editing expertise, we have other methods for you to try!

Method Two – Change the Resolution

HD videos take up a lot of space and there are other substitutes/resolutions as well to ensure the high quality of the videos. For example, the HD video has 1280 x 720 resolution but 800 x 600 and 640 x 480 is good quality as well. If you are going to watch the video on the smartphone, you can also choose the 320 x240 resolution. You can change the resolution of the video through Freemake Video Convertor and the guidelines are mentioned below;

  1. First of all, download the application and run it on your computer
  2. Now, add the video and choose the output format
  3. Select the predefined resolutions and click on the “convert” button to change the resolution

Method Three – Change the Codec Of Video

Video codec has a huge impact on the overall size of the video and they all have different parameters. If you choose and use the right codec, it can help you reduce the video size by two to three folds. Our choice is the H.264 codec because it allows the users to use the same resolution as that of an HD video. But if you need to use H.264 codec, make sure that you have a graphics card or else, the video resolution will not be reduced properly and can crash the video. There are some other common video codecs available including Real audio, WMA, Apple Video, XviD, and AVI. You can use the Freemake application to change the video codec

Method Four – Reduce The Frame Rate

Frame rate defines the number of frame users views per second and the number generally varies from 24 fps to 30 fps. If you reduce the frame rate, the video size will be reduced automatically. However, this method has a drawback as it can affect the smoothness of the video but if you still want to opt for it, you can use any video reducer application or software

Method Five – Remove Some Parts

No, we do not mean to cut the climax or important parts of the videos but you can remove the extras such as the behind-the-scene clips, trailers, recap, interview, audio tracks, and even the commentaries. It has been observed that the black frame and edge can take up a lot of space ass well, so, try to cut them out if possible. However, it is completely up to you how much you want to delete because the more you delete, the lower the video size.

Method Six – Reduce the Bitrate Of the Video

Bitrate defines the number of bits per second and refers to the audio and video part of the file. The bitrate is directly proportional to the file size which shows that if the bitrate is high, the quality and size of the video will be higher as well. While reducing the bitrate to reduce the file size, make sure you are not compromising on the quality

Method Seven – Third-party Video Hosting

If you have to post the video online and have less space on the server, you can post the video on other video-sharing platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, or Swarmify. You can get help from WordPress to ensure the incorporation of videos to a page with the help of built-in plugins

Tips To Find The Right Video Size

If you do not know how to determine the right size of the video, we can help you as we have added some simple tips to follow. Have a look and follow them to reduce the file size without harnessing the quality!

  • Bandwidth plays a great role in the file size because if the file size is too big, more bandwidth will be consumed leading to higher bills
  • Experiment with different bitrates and resolutions to find the perfect match for your video
  • Choose to lower the audio bitrate rather than lowering the video bitrate because audio can be managed with high-bass earphones. However, if the audio track is important, don’t compromise on audio bitrate either

The process of video size compress can be a little overwhelming when you start off but with each step, the process will ease up!