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How to make WordPress page loading blazing fast

How to make WordPress page loading blazing fast

Many websites are using the WordPress platform to publish the content and to monitor the performance. This WordPress platform has coined its name and passed the vigorous tests, but it lacks at one point; the slow loading. However, that’s not something incurable as the implementation of correct precautions can save the site from being plummeting. The slow and sluggish websites pose to refrain the existing traffic and reduce the chances for new target base visiting. In this article, we have rounded up some practical tips to fasten the WordPress site.

Does The Speed Really Matter?

Whenever someone new visits your WordPress website, they tend to invest only a few seconds, and if the website doesn’t load, they might never come back. Those few seconds are all you have to capture their attention and to keep them on the site. The Google Algorithm also affects the website ranking if the loading time isn’t apt. No matter how good your SEO strategy was, if the website is slow, the ranking will go down the drain. We are here to help you with our set of tricks and tips!

Invest In A Host

Obviously, every website owner tends to use a hosting service, and people often fall in the trap of shared hosting. There are some perks of it inclusive of unlimited page views, but the slow loading of the site is a big turn-off. It also adds to the downtime of the website if the traffic is high. If you are someone who publishes trendy stuff, it is apt to let go of shared hosting as you will be killing your time, nothing else. You might even turn into a skeleton while working on it, but the shared hosting will take you down no matter what. We have some amazing hosting services in a site such as;

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

There are wide arrays of websites that are blazing fast, have zero downtime, and the back-ends are amazingly comfortable as well. If you want, this is the most exceptional hosting service. The company has a high-end customer support service that plays an integral role in the hosting world. The customer support teams are equipped with the well-versing knowledge about each aspect of the WordPress.

Choose The Themes or Sturdy Framework

Every WordPress user is already in love with the classic editor theme, but there are two reasons for that; high speed and lightweight features. There are some advanced and mulch themes as well burdened with tons of features, but if you add, they suck out the website speed like a leech sucks out the blood. There is this Focus Theme Framework, which is not the only premium but promises the high loading speeds. This theme has advanced features related to the customization, but the simplicity has got us hooked. If you install the third-party plugins, it will not slow down the website. However, you need to avoid bloating, and your website will have the fastest speed possible.

The Caching Plugins Are Hit

WordPress has launched tons of plugins with the unique perks and features, but some of them have the most effective caching. Such plugins tend to improve the loading time of the page but the best part? They are not only free but extremely user-friendly, so it works out well for the novice website owners as well. W3 Total Cache is one amazing caching plugin that is easy to install, easy to use, and adorned with all the essential features. This will cache up the website elements to reduce the loading time.

Opt For CDNs (Content Delivery Network)

If you are linked to online marketing through any means, the content delivery networks are a must-have for you. These networks tend to extract the static files on the website, such as images and JavaScript. Then, they put them up for the download for the visitors. The download time is reduced exponentially by adding the files close to the servers. StackPath Content Delivery Network is a fantastic content delivery network with the simple to use and easy to install features. The dashboard is user-intuitive.

Automate The Image Optimization

If you are a Yahoo! enthusiast, you would be aware of Smush.it, which tends to reduce the file size of the image. However, it never compromises on the quality of the graphics. But optimizing the images separately can affect the time-consumption, and it’s not efficient at all. WP-SmushIt is a third-party plugin that optimizes the images automatically as you upload them. If you are a Mac user, you can use the Squash plugin.

Optimize The Homepage

If you need to ensure the optimal loading times for the homepage, there are specific steps that you can take such as;

  • Rather than adding the full posts, show the excerpts
  • Lower the posts per page
  • Don’t add sharing widgets on the page; instead, add them in the posts (efficient and obvious!)
  • Uninstall the unused widgets and plugins
  • Adopt minimal and straightforward approach for homepage
  • Make the homepage focused and clean

These steps tend to improve the loading time of the website while adding to the look of the website.

Optimize The Database

Optimizing the website is essential, and that is why you are getting a lot of it in this article. If you want to go commando and manual, be ready to skip dinner. But if you are clever enough to use WP-Optimize plugin, your life and your website will be at ease. This plugin optimizes the website’s database to reduce the load. It tends to optimize the tables, revision, spam, and drafts as well. If you want to schedule the database optimization, you can use the WP-DB Manager.

Never Use the Hotlinking

People are often fascinated by the words and incorporate them on the website without a proper background check. However, hotlinking is evident in stealing off the website bandwidth. The websites need to create customized images for the website because the site’s performance will diminish upon the excessive content scraping.

These steps are just the start for optimizing the fast loading of your WordPress site, so implement these tips and see your website topping the high-speed charts!