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How to Make a Video Go Viral

How to Make  a Video Go Viral

If you are from social media and a frequent YouTube user, you must be aware of the word “viral video” but what goes into it to make it viral? Have you ever wondered about it while watching those viral videos? If yes, we have got answers to all your wonderings right here. So, the truth is that nothing happens overnight and there is always a truckload of marketing efforts in making things go viral. Read on to find out the exact efforts we are talking out!

Create the Video

Obviously, the first thing that you have got to do is to make the video that is worthy of being viral and it has the caliber to attract people towards it

Upload the Video

Many people think that uploading a video on Facebook will make them a celebrity but it is completely untrue. There are several things that you can do about the upload of video;

  • Post on Facebook and Twitter with appropriate hashtags
  • Submit the video to Hacker News or Reddit
  • Ask your friends to share the video
  • Re-tweet the video to all the famous people i.e. if you have sung a song, re-tweet to the famous singers and music composers
  • Send your videos to the relevant bloggers i.e. music reviewers as blogs can tune in huge traffic as they are like a marketing engine
  • Upload on YouTube and share the link everywhere you can and if a lot of people click on the link, YouTube’s algorithm might pick it up and land it on the front page of “trending” tab

It is better to try as many platforms as you can to maximize the chances of being picked up.

Choose the Day Wisely

This might not make sense to you right now, but it will after a few minutes. So, the whole point is to land at the mobile screens or laptop screens of the people and when are people found on laptops? Office hours so, office days especially Tuesday is the best day to upload the video. We are saying Tuesday because people might be busy catching up with the emails on Monday after a hefty weekend, so yeah, Tuesday might be your lucky day.

Find the Right Person Who Has Stake

We understand and acknowledge the fact that you want to gain the attention of the people and some brands even. So, when you upload the video, make sure to tag every possible sponsor you can. For example, if we are talking about making a video go viral, you can tag famous dancers, applications that used to edit the video, place where you danced, the music creators of the song you danced on, and much more. You can also try getting in touch with all such companies and ask them to share your video. There might be some who will not share it but some will and at the end of the day, you will not regret not trying!

Is Your Video Worth It?

Ask yourself this question at least a hundred times before making a decision to make it viral because you can ask your friends to share. On the other hand, companies will need outstanding video if you want them to share. So, make sure that your video is up to the mark. To make the video more engaging and worthy, add some emotions because you want the viewer to feel your video and only then, they will share it

Storytelling is Your Best Option

People are not interested in seeing you make moves (well, not entirely) and you want to engage them and what is the better way to engage them but use storytelling? Create a whole scenario and start your video with the story of how you started off as a dancer. People love to share stories and if you add one, you will increase the chances of your video being touching the skies of high traffic

Length Must Be Moderate

People on online platforms are always in some type of haste and even if they are not, they are not going to spend half an hour watching you move your hips and waist and boring them is the last thing you want to do. So, when deciding the length of the video, try to keep it short unless it keeps the core of video intact and mind you, the shorter the video, the faster it will spread

Think of a Catchy Title

If you want to get viral, you don’t want to be forgotten and to make sure that people remember you and your video, think of a catchy title that will hook the viewers

What Can You Compromise?

There are some compromises that you will have to make and some of them might challenge your beliefs, so ask yourself if you are ready for such compromises before starting off on this track

Post-Video Viral

Okay, you made a video, you uploaded it, it generated traffic, you got viral, but what to do after that? Once your video goes viral, you will become the center of attention for a few days and you want to gain maximum benefit from that.  Reply to all comments and messages that you receive. Also, do not forget to check the email as brands (if they like your work) are highly likely to contact through email. Last but not least; if you receive criticism, take it in a constructive way and build from it

Never Underestimate the Power of the Right Marketing Plan

Many people make this mistake but believe us, you don’t want to! The right marketing can make or waste your efforts. Plus, trying is better than wondering later if things could have worked if you tried. So, tell many as many people as you can and why are we saying this? For instance, if you tell one person something and if you tell something to fifty people, isn’t it going to make a difference? We are sure that you are nodding it all right now!