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How to Edit Videos

How to Edit Videos


With so many bloggers out there standing out like a needle in haystack has become extremely difficult. You can find millions of video bloggers on the internet, all going after the same niche you’re angling for. In such a scenario, one would think and think hard on how to make its blog worth reading. If you’re one of those who are constantly fretting over this issue then remember that your unique strength and experience is the ultimate key to stand out. Do not publish the same type of content and be like every other kid on the block. Give preference to quality content rather than quantity content. Your content should be practical and useful, it should be worth visiting by your readers and the content should be something they can apply to their daily life. Though all these tips are necessary to follow, one thing that stands out from the rest is quality editing. If your video blog has a spot on content and fulfills all the above requirements yet, the video qualities are average then trust me the viewers will switch to something else in a matter of seconds and all your efforts will be for nothing. The two basic ingredients to make a super hit video blog are a high definition video recorder and suitable vlog editing software. If you’re new to the vlogging world and don’t know much about video editing software then fret not, you’ve come to the right place because we are going to be your ultimate guide.

Though many vlogs are filmed on the go which is absolutely fine and reflect the raw natural talent. You should look for ways to polish your content before putting it out there for the whole world to see. But before you go prepping your video for the public eye, know the demographic audience well enough, and make up your mind as to how you want your video to be. Don’t go for excessive editing and always give the audio a preference over video. We’ve enlisted here some of the best video editing tools out there that will add that oomph factor to your video, you were looking everywhere for. It is up to you to choose the editor that will work for your video blog.

  • Filmora Video Editor

Filmora Video Editor is a trustworthy video altering tool with various vigorous inbuilt editing tools. The prominent feature is its ability to incorporate its flawlessly clear intuitive interface, the similarity with about all PC working frameworks and quick handling rate. In the nutshell, the entire video altering procedure is fascinating. It is the best video editing tool for vlog beginners as it is pretty simple to use. It offers basic editing features such as trimming, cropping, cutting, splitting and merging. It also has cool animation effects, filters and multiple songs that you can incorporate in your vlog. On the off chance that you have cold feet in regards to its viability, simply get yourself a free trial version.

  • Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a professional level vlog video editing tool supported by Windows. It has in-built versatile features that will make your video stand apart from million others out there. It is based on a 64-bit architecture which makes it run pretty smoothly in all the latest computers and laptops. The feature that makes this editor favorite of all the high-end and professional vloggers is the fact that it can even edit a 4K video. This editor eliminates all the unnecessary noise from your video and enhances the audio quality. The only drawback it has is that you cannot run this editor on MAC and, also it is a complicated video editor that does not come with easy user-interface which means that you have to understand the software before getting to work on it.

  • Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the best in-built video editing software since the launch of Windows XP. However, in 2012 its interface was revised to give its users a new and modernized look and features that will work best compared to other video editing software of that time. This free video editing tool has a speed changing feature that allows you to choose the speed from 0.125 X to 64 X. It also offers animation tools that will add character to your mainstream video. And the best part is you can quickly record a video or audio clip and upload it ASAP on any social media site! All-in-one this free editor fulfills the need of a budding vlogger. However, due to its limited features; it is not widely used.  

  • Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a high-end video editing tool used by professional vloggers on MAC.  This Apple based software supports a broad range of formats such as. MOV, Mp4, AVI, AVCHD, H.264 used by the professional camcorders and cameras. It is extraordinary video editing features that will take an ordinary video and turn it into the star of the show. It uses a 64-tit architecture and utilizes all memory present on your computer to make it more efficient. There are numerous effects and animations already embedded in the software that you can utilize them without making the new effects or titles. Its super awesome features come with a price; this software is complex to use. So, to use it to the optimum level, you have to go through all the tutorials. Also, this editor takes up a lot of RAM, so you might want to free up some space before installing it.

  • iMovie

iMovie by Apple is a surface level video editing tool. Even then it is widely popular among all vloggers because of its simplicity. This software offers in numerous features like video cutting and trimming, voice over, adding text to a video and what not. iMovie offers plenty of animations for your video. You can quickly make movies like trailers in the software and the best part is that you don’t have to go through lengthy procedures to do anything. Just select an animation or text and boom it will be added to the video. The best part is that you can easily share the video after editing on Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo. But the catch is, you cannot resize the text in video and this software provides you with only basic video editing features.