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How to Delete Any YouTube Video

How to Delete Any YouTube Video

We know how much of an effort it takes to own a YouTube channel. Working with videos on YouTube might seem like a piece of cake to many, but it actually isn’t! At every step, you’re faced with new problems, but no need to worry, because like every time, we’re here to provide a great solution.

If you’re an old YouTube user, you might be already familiar with most of YouTube hacks related to uploading a video. However, the new question probing the minds of majority YouTubers out there is how to delete a video from YouTube once it has been uploaded.

So, today we’re here to discuss this very issue and present you with a perfect solution. All you have to do is keep calm, and read on!

What You Should Do?

There could be many reasons behind you wanting to delete a YouTube video. For instance, you might think the video is too outdated, or you just wish to have a cleaner channel. Besides, if you’re not yet ready to delete your complete YouTube account or won’t be satisfied with barely removing the video from your list on YouTube, what you need to learn is how to delete that unwanted YouTube video from your channel.

However, don’t forget that in order to be able to delete a YouTube video, you need to own that specific account from which the video was uploaded.

Therefore, if you’re planning to delete a video that was uploaded from an account that you don’t own, or knows nothing about, then all you can do is report the video and wait for YouTube authorities to take action.

Apart from this, if you’re planning to delete a video from your account, then you just need to follow the instructions provided below.

We’ve tried our best to help you out and provided two different ways of deleting an undesired YouTube video.

Deleting a YouTube Video by Using Computer

First of all, it’s obvious that you’d need to log in to your YouTube account before moving ahead to the next steps.

Once you’ve signed in to your account, click on your account’s picture that’s visible in the top right corner. A navigation menu would drop down, now click on the “My Channel” option and go to your profile page. Here, on your profile page, you’d be able to see all the previous videos that you’ve uploaded.

Also, on this page, you’d see two blue buttons just below your cover photo, “YouTube Studio (Beta)” and “Customize Channel”. Select the right button that says “YouTube Studio (Beta)”.

After clicking on this button, your YouTube Studio would open up and here you’d be able to view all the channel analytics, new updates, top performing videos, and much more. the channel menu would also be visible on the left side of your screen.

In the channel menu on the left, click on the “Videos” tab. By doing so you’d be able to see all of your previous video uploads.

Now, move the cursor over the specific video that you wish to delete. When you hover the mouse, two buttons would appear, one would be the "play" button and the other one would be the "options" button.

If you don’t already know, the “options” button resembles three dots stacked in vertical order. Click on this button and a pop-up menu will appear.

In this pop-up menu, there would be the option of “Delete”.

Now, confirm if you want to delete this video. Then, click on the “Delete” option and move ahead to check the dialogue box that asks you if you understand that the video would be permanently deleted.

Congratulations! Your work is done.

Deleting a YouTube Video by Using Mobile Phone

Okay, so let’s come to the next scenario; a computer is not available, and you want to delete that YouTube video ASAP. Guess what? You can do it with the help of that mobile phone of yours as well!

Go ahead, grab your phone and open the YouTube app. Now, if you aren’t logged in to your account, waste no more time and sign in.

After you’ve signed in, click on your profile picture that appears on the top right corner in order to navigate to your channel.

Now, you’d be able to see your account menu. In this pop-up menu, click on the “My Channel” from where you can navigate to your account.

Once you’re on your channel page, you’d be able to view your YouTube profile, with your profile picture, the videos that you’ve uploaded, and your subscribers.

Here, there would be a menu visible on the top of your screen that has five different tab options, including Home, Videos, Playlists, Channels and About tab. Click on the “Videos” option.

In the Videos tab, you'd be able to see all your past video uploads. Once you locate the video that you've planned to delete, click on the "options" button (the one that as three stacked dots) on the right of the screen.

In the menu that opens up by clicking the “options” button, you’d come across the “Delete” option. So, if you’re ready, select “Delete”. After doing so, a menu box will appear asking “Delete upload?”, select “OK” and you’re done!

Let us remind you, by doing so, your video upload would be deleted permanently from YouTube.


As said earlier, you can’t delete a video that you haven’t uploaded. In other words, if you don’t like a video that was uploaded from an account that you don’t own or know anything about, all you can do is report the specific video. In this way, you’d be able to take some action against a video that, let’s say, violates the Copyright laws or the terms of service by YouTube.

So, now that you know what to do and how to do it, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and start your channel-clean up mission today! Because you don’t want your subscribers to feel bored with outdated videos.