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How Learning Inclusion Uses SmartVideo as Their Online Learning Management Platform Video Host

How Learning Inclusion Uses SmartVideo as Their Online Learning Management Platform Video Host

Learning Inclusion is an initiative of Diverse Patterns based in Nepal that provides diversity and inclusion training to businesses and organizations. The core mission of this company is to bring awareness and make businesses understand the enormous potential that diversity and inclusion bring into the workforce.

Making companies more accessible

By helping organizations tap into a pool of untapped talent, it opens the vast doors of innovation and creativity for its customers. From diversity training, access audit, digital accessibility, inclusive events to creating an inclusive HR, this company guides the customers every step of the way. Thanks to the wonderful training and awareness platform provided by Learning Inclusion, their customers rake enormous benefits including improved retention rates, sparked creativity, and increased revenue to name a few.

Learning Inclusion is led by Sagar Prasai, a tech entrepreneur and social activist. He created the organization to fulfill his vision of promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Sagar realized that even if companies wanted to promote diversity and inclusion, there was no proper guidance or education for them to do so. To fill this knowledge gap, he stepped up to the challenge and laid the foundation for Learning Inclusion.  

“In today’s world, inclusive approach has become a significant part of anybody’s personal and professional life because human diversity exists. This inclusive platform strengthens people with or without disability to further embody the human diversity (disability) in the design process of their planning so that no one is left behind. So, I was looking for a good video hosting platform for our online learning management system to help us achieve that.”

Since their business is based on an online course model, they were looking for a robust option that could provide a fast video playback experience. They also needed a customizable and professional-looking video player to make it easy for their customers to train online.

How Swarmify helped

Since launching in 2013, Swarmify’s SmartVideo platform promises instant start and buffer-free video playbacks. It achieves this by combining all the tricky aspects of video hosting into one easy workflow. Swarmify stood true to its promise by providing Learning Inclusion with a rapid video hosting platform that provided super-fast and lag-free video loads. This resulted in the prevention of various setbacks and helped the company in expanding its business.

At Swarmify, our mission is to bring an accelerated, distraction-free video experience to websites of all sizes. Whether you’re a website owner, an agency, or you just want to get in on our affiliate program, we have a plan for you!

By providing an instantaneous and lag-free video viewing experience, Swarmify prevented Learning Inclusion from many potential setbacks. Not only are the customers enjoying their super-fast training videos, but the company is also gaining new customers daily.

“The videos load fast, there's no lag, and the player is customizable and looks professional.”

Advice from Sagar

“Prepare captions and include them with caption tags.”

Learning Inclusion is quite happy with the benefits Swarmify has induced into its training platform. The company regularly suggests businesses incorporate Swarmify as their video hosting platform. Also, they advise creating captions and including them by tags as it makes the video hosting experience painless and seamless at the same time.

“Our website is fully accessible to people with disabilities including those using screen reader software (e.g. blind people) and the Swarmify video player is also quite accessible. I have used this player to include captions in multiple languages and the playing is super-fast.”

Having an online presence comes with unique challenges. For an institution that trains organizations, delivering optimized videos is of utmost importance. By incorporating Swarmify, Learning Inclusion made a smart choice. All their reservations regarding slow video playback and lag dissipated once they transitioned over to the SmartVideo platform.

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