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Free Music For Your Videos – The Importance of and Where to Find it

Free Music For Your Videos – The Importance of and Where to Find it


Where the 21st century has its perks thanks to fast-paced advancement in technology yet, the same revolutionary changes can prove to be pretty challenging. If you take a survey of today’s market, you’ll find that it is flooded with products or services for the marketers. Simply getting your product or service out there is not all; one has to add the ‘oomph’ factor in it to stand out from the endless crowd. This is where video marketing comes to play. Though the concept is not unheard of, it is quite a useful one. Video marketing is an effective marketing strategy now more than ever. With our crazy hectic routine, everyone looks for ways to save time. That is why they often prefer to watch a 2-minute video versus taking 15 minutes to read the same information. Video plays a vital role in creating a personality for your company and brand, enabling you to connect with your viewers and earn their trust. It is a fun way to show what your company is really about.

So, it’s been understood that you need the support of video marketing to sell your product to a wider range of marketers. According to a recent survey, 90% of users reported that product videos are helpful in the decision process. And 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as a type of content with the best ROI.  Taking notes from the survey, all you have to work on now is to make your video entrancing for the viewers. And what better way to do it than using high-quality background music. Finding good quality background music can be a tiresome job because of millions of options out there with varying functionalities, licensing options and music experience.

Music Serves As a Catalyst for Your Campaign

It is often said that music is one of the most powerful catalysts for creating a connection with your audience. If your viewers connect with you or your company on a personal level, then they will automatically want to be drawn into every tiny detail about your projects or company. To strengthen the bond further, you need to opt for just the right kind of music. But choosing the perfect background music for marketing can be a challenge in itself. There are a lot of contributing factors that you have to look on so all in all it is a hefty task. First off, you have to decide what kind of audience you want to attract towards your brand and what role will the music play in your marketing campaign. If your video is informative then go for a supportive underscore that does not pull away the attention of the viewers and if you’re trying to convey a broader concept then opt an emotionally packed number. Music speaks differently to different people so you have to be super careful when choosing just the right sonic frequency and tone.

Royalty Free Music for Your Video

Making online videos are a task in itself and it gets more complicated when you add the pressure of inserting compelling music in it. Finding high quality, not to mention free background music for your marketing video can be a huge challenge. Revolution in technology has presented us with innumerous opportunities, which honestly can sometimes be pretty mind-boggling. The same concept applies when you rummage the internet for quality background music. Today, millions of websites are out there that has an even greater number of soundtrack options, offering different search functionalities, licensing options and music experience. Making the right decision for your marketing campaign can be challenging. But to put our readers at ease we’ve narrowed down some of the best available options out there;

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high quality and legal audio downloads directed by WFMU. It has a range of curate background music and sounds for all types of content. The tracks on FMA are pre-cleared and legal to use in a variety of situations that would otherwise be restricted by copyright laws. It aims to provide music under Creative Commons licenses that can be freely downloaded and used in other works.

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has a massive audio library sorted by genre, mood and what not. The music in this library can be downloaded, remixed and used for free forever. YouTube permits the users to use its audio library even outside of YouTube itself. Currently, it offers more than 150,000 audio tracks on its website out of which 150 royalty-free tracks can be modified as per users need.


SoundCloud has a wide range of royalty free music. It is a go-to destination for content creators and filmmakers. It has one of the biggest libraries for instrumental music that will add that oomph factor you were searching everywhere for. And the best part, you get all this free of any kind of charges. The music under SoundCloud is licensed under Creative Commons which means that you can use the music for free as long as you follow the guidelines as stated by the artist. It is one place where you can find great music from artists all over the world.

Euphoria in Motion Visualizer

If you’re looking for upbeat music then Euphoria in Motion is just the right place for you. The ideal harmony of music and visual graphic takes you to the state of intense excitement and is the perfect background music to portray the concept of your brand to a wider scope of people. It comes with 8 different styles that will set your product or service apart and give it the uniqueness you were looking for.

Making a content video is a task in itself. No matter how time taking it is you would want your work to speak for itself. Video marketing is quickly becoming the most interactive marketing technique of the 21st century. Now it is up to us to utilize this information cleverly and incorporate this technique to interact with a larger demographic. The Internet plays a pivotal role in all this. It provides a platform to use numerous high-quality resources for free. It leaves no man falling behind!