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How Emotion Note Uses SmartVideo as a YouTube Alternative for Internet Marketing Video Hosting

How Emotion Note Uses SmartVideo as a YouTube Alternative for Internet Marketing Video Hosting

Emotion Note is a small, yet innovative digital marketing agency. The company delivers a wide body of services ranging from web designing projects, SEO, SEM to running Social Media Ads and campaigns. The company also offers a variety of tailor-made solutions and plans for each of its services.

Emotion Note helps clients by catering to all budgets, needs, and business types. With its customized sessions, the company provides systematic guidance to the clients starting from the inception phase of an idea, all the way to its completion.

Walter Corredor is the Digital Manager of Emotion Note. Walter’s main goal for the company is to increase the business potential of its clients by providing outstanding digital marketing solutions.

As a digital marketing agency, Emotion Note also provides video hosting management services for Internet marketing. However, they were facing dire problems with their video hosting platform including slow load times coupled with distractions.

These setbacks were making them lose customers who were clicking over to watch YouTube videos instead of staying on their platform.

“Users were leaving our website to watch videos on YouTube.”

After making the switch to Swarmify, Emotion Note noticed much faster load times. The company was also impressed by the seamless and professional look of the SmartVideo video player.

“Swarmify’s player looks more professional and the videos load faster as well.”

By providing an unbranded, buffer-free, and stall-free platform, Swarmify helped Emotion Note with faster video load and playback times. This in turn translated to customer retention and increased sales for the company.

At Swarmify, our mission is to bring an accelerated, distraction-free video experience to websites of all sizes. Whether you’re a website owner, an agency, or you just want to get in on our affiliate program, we have a plan for you!

Since transitioning to Swarmify, Emotion Note has seen nothing but impressive results. From cost savings, instant playback experiences, to video optimizations, Swarmify has managed to provide a great YouTube alternative for this company.

“Swarmify saves costs and is perfect for public websites that are looking to showcase their content.”

Swarmify’s SmartVideo platform is specifically designed to reduce lag and accelerate video start times along with providing a stutter-free playback experience. Emotion Note now proudly hosts distraction-free and unbranded video content at unwavering speeds, while their business and customer base surges daily.

Emotion Note strongly advocates for Swarmify. Per Walter, anyone looking to host and share private content on a public platform or boost their video loading speeds should invest in Swarmify. They are eager to tell people that Swarmify not only accelerates and secures videos but also ingests videos from public platforms like YouTube and optimizes them for display.  

Having a solid video hosting platform is vital for any business and more so for a digital marketing agency. Converting to Swarmify was one of the smartest business decisions for Emotion Note. Being able to showcase their videos in an unbranded platform, free of lag and delays has helped their business immeasurably.

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