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Best WooCommerce subscription plugins

Best WooCommerce subscription plugins

If you are tired of maintaining the accounting and billing of your client periodically every week, month or year, then this article is meant to be written just for you. As in this article, you are about to learn how they can help you do this seamlessly. You can simply maintain the billing system at regular intervals without any worry with easy subscriptions.

WooCommerce can not handle subscriptions on its own, however in order to get this function, you have to install a subscription plugin.

In this article, we will be looking into the benefits of setting up a Woocommerce Subscriptions and the best five WooCommerce subscription plugins will be presented to you in detail.

What are WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce subscription plugins allow you to manage your store smoothly fulfilling all the requirements of the subscription of your site. It helps to make the billing system automatic and easier as it supports popular gateways like Stripe, Western Union, PayPal, etc.

These plugins support popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, thus making automatic billing easy. WooCommerce Subscription can easily upgrade and downgrade their subscription without bothering you. WooCommerce Subscription plugin generally can not store financial details of the customers as they are being stored by the payment gateways.

When Do You Need Woocommerce Subscriptions

Whenever you need to manage the billing system of the customers after an interval for a certain service or for some products then you will need WooCommerce subscriptions.

For example, if you run a site having premium subscriptions and your members can download tutorials wherever they want. So, the user will require annual, monthly or weekly payment plans. These subscriptions enable you to make these plans and billings of your clients automatic after a certain given period. If you are considering to set up a site having music or video streaming then this feature is also handy for running that site. Also, it can work well with all the type of eCommerce sites including web hosting, digital products like themes and books, etc.

Here are the most used WooCommerce plugins for managing recurring billings on your sites:

Best WooCommerce Subscription Plugins

WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions guarantees you to run a subscription-based store within a consistent income very effectively. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, if you are considering selling physical or digital products on a subscription basis, this plugin would be of great help. As it offers you free trials on the billing on annual, monthly or weekly basis and you can also cancel the subscription after then.

A reporting system is also being offered by the WooCommerce Subscription that allows you to keep track of your subscribers, sales, accounts, etc. It also comes with an automatic billing system that sends the billing notifications to the subscribers before renewing the subscription. You are given the latest invoice and receipts on every renewal. It is highly compatible and flexible with PayPal, Stripe and 23 other payment gateways.

Yith Woocommerce Subscription

If you are a beginner and have a low budget to start a website then you can easily try out the free and open-source plugins, so that if you don’t feel comfortable you can switch to any other plugin. Yith is a WooCommerce subscription plugin offered free of cost, having a paid version as well.

You can sell subscription-based products such as videos, consultations, courses, etc to your customers with the help of Yith plugin. It makes it easy to renew the customers’ subscription automatically at due dates. It is compatible with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Yith also has a reminder system that sends a notification to the subscriber through notifications. This feature makes it easy to get the subscribers notified of their subscription expiry date, renew expired credit cards, complete certain actions, etc.

You can easily manage multiple subscriptions with the premium version as for a user subscribing to more than one product. It also lets you give various options of pausing your subscription, which is so much from just a plugin.

Subscriptions for WooCommerce

Subscriptions for WooCommerce which is developed and managed by WebToffe, which lets you manage the payments without stress. If you are considering selling physical or virtual products, this plugin is highly suitable for all of your needs and will serve you the best.

With Subscriptions for WooCommerce, you can create a freemium subscription model for your business. Your customers get to test out your product for a period for free and then decide if they would want to pay afterward. This model works and has become quite popular. If you wish to charge a signup fee before offering a free trial, this plugin lets you do just that.

To lure more customers and make more sales, you can offer coupons on every renewal or additional subscriptions. You can do this quite easily, thanks to Subscriptions for WooCommerce coupon feature.

This plugin comes with an automated email notification feature which sends out billing notifications to subscribers. Its synchronized renewal feature lets you schedule all billings to occur at the same time irrespective of the date each user subscribed.


A premium subscription plugin that is developed by RightPress is known as Subscriptio, which allows you to sell video streaming, magazines, and tutorial subscriptions. Not only that, it also works well for physical products.

Customers can easily cancel or pause the subscription whenever they want with Subscriptio subscription. But, the advance feature comes when you don’t want your customers to cancel the subscription, for that you can simply disable this feature.

Subscriptio is compatible with PayPal and Stripe, allows for multiple subscriptions, and gives you the option to charge a signup fee. Also, Subscriptio is highly customizable which allows you to fine-tune the plugin to the unique demands of your business.


After this article, you can easily turn any of your sites to a subscription or membership-based website which will gradually result in greater outcome. We have looked into various plugins that would make your business succeed, in order to enable you to get started on this path. Do well to check them out and make your choice.