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Best VR Video Players For PC

Best VR Video Players For PC

VR and 360 videos have been well-known throughout the previous couple of years with the releasement of a few VR headsets, for example, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, and Oculus Rift. But we all are aware of this reality now, that to appreciate the vivid augmented reality experience, we all may require a VR video player on your whatever device we are using from our Android, iOS, Mac PC to our Windows PC, and the same goes for the VR headset. In this way, without further ado, we will now tell you the procedure of watching VR videos in the best way possible, along with 360 videos on PC by making use of VR player, and the best 360 players that enable you to appreciate VR video effectively:


Although there is a large number of VR videos accessible on the Internet in the technological age of today, not many people have made the effort to try and watch and experience the immensely amazing quality of a VR video. Here is a step-by-step guide for how you can watch a VR video:

• To begin with, ordinary windows MAC or PC or smartphone is required.

• For the viewer to hear the audio of the motion picture they are watching, they require a VR headset. This is totally dependent upon what effect they need to best accomplish.

• Pick a VR video player where you can play the motion picture.

• VR movies or game-downloads such as VR videos from VR video destinations, as well.

• Once the viewer has downloaded the VR video, they would now be able to discover a spot where they can watch the motion picture.

• Just put your VR headset, begin playing the VR video you have downloaded by making use of the best VR video player on your cell phone, PC/MAC or any other device you are using. However, before you begin, make a point not to neglect putting your very own headphones on for you to encounter the best computer-generated experience sound and view you are looking for.

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  • Kolor Eyes (Gopro VR player)

    As what most VR player consumers know, this VR video player is only a free 360-degree player for not only Android, IOS, Windows, Mac but HTML5, as well. The positive thing about this player is that it really allows the clients to connect and play with 360-degree videos on their computers. Beside viewing VR motion pictures, you can also watch films online through if you just connect your android or IOS gadget with your VR headset.

  • Codeplex VR player

    Essentially, this VR player is designed and intended for playing virtual reality recordings and is a well-known program among Oculus Rift clients. The best part about this player is that it can read 2D/3D images and can even play these videos. It can read local files, streams (notwithstanding YouTube), CDs and so much more. It supports formats such as mono, over-under, and side. It has a 3D audio base which is based on the position and orientation. It has preset files available to help auto-configure the application settings. You don't have to stress over the cost since you can just have it at extremely shabby cost without breaking your bank.

  • SpherePlay VR Player

    SpherePlay VR Player is intended for Windows, Android, and iOS clients. You can watch GoPro recordings without the impact of distorted effects such as the fisheye one. Also, you can see vivid photographs and recordings with numerous adjustable controls. Moreover, you can even take panoramic photographs in the wake of installing the VR player for Android or iOS application.

  • Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player

    This player allows users to view live-action, Omni-directional recorded content on the Oculus Rift headset. It makes use of carefully designed cameras that can capture fully interactive, live-action spaces in very good quality 360-degree videos. While playing on the Total Cinema 360 Oculus player, the player usually feels as if they have been transported and will feel as if they are actually taking a stroll down the scenic High Line in New York City, or are being completely surrounded and swarmed by a litter of loving kittens, etc. This player comes with four demonstration videos that teach the user to pause, zoom and adjust the distance of the eye from the video.

  • SkyBox VR Player

    SKYBOX lets users stream videos wirelessly from their computers to their mobile devices without making them experience loss of quality. They can also stream one video on multiple devices at the same time. With SKYBOX, we can browse, watch, and control our favorite videos from PC directly in our VR headsets. It supports all VR platforms, including the Oculus, Vive, Gear VR, Cardboard, Daydream HTC vive and so many more. What’s more? It delivers the exact same remarkable experience on all platforms. Users can choose from a number of VR theater systems, including Movie Theatre, Space Station, Void, etc. when they are watching 2D or 3D videos. It can be said that SKYBOX is the most powerful and the easiest to use VR player.


    Users can make use of this VR player to create a very vivid watching experience. On the off chance that you are watching motion picture that is not from your region originally, you can even load captions in any language you desire, which is very helpful for anyone who is trying to learn a new language. The VR player likewise supports playback of all 4K videos. In the event that you would prefer not to download the video first, you can open a video from YouTube or Dropbox the URL, so your gadget's storage is constantly usable. Simply pick this one to begin VR playback.

  • Opera VR Player

    You may think Opera is only a web browser, yet truth be told, it is so much more. Now, you can even utilize it to watch VR videos. Simply plug in your headsets to begin playing the VR video. There is no reason for you to download an external player for VR videos when you have Opera.

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