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Best Video Hosting Platforms

Best Video Hosting Platforms

Videos are a great means of marketing and are used in fulfilling promotional purposes. Whether you produce video content or you want to promote your brand, you would need a video hosting platform to entertain your audience with it, as for many reasons you can not verily do that on your website. Videos are a popular medium of transferring information and knowledge in the world of today. Video hosting sites are popular and hence, uploading them there will help you lead the audience to your website directly. Also, the number of audiences will be great too. There are many popular options for the video hosting sites that you have to upload your video. You can choose the most suitable one according to your need and requirement.

Moreover, these video hosting platforms are categorized into two levels depending on your decision. Paid and unpaid. There are some popular sites ready to host your videos for free and can gather a large audience. But you can go for the paid ones too if you want a guaranteed result and response. Some of them from each category are discussed below in detail for your convenience.

Unpaid Video Hosting Platforms:

Here are four of the most popular video hosting platforms which is totally for free.


Being the most popular video hosting platform, there is a lot that YouTube has to offer. It is not the most successful video site for no reason. One reason for its fame is being affiliated with the world's biggest search engine but there are other perks to it as well. Estimated, there are over 300 videos uploaded on YouTube in a minute. Not just that, but billions of hours of videos are watched on YouTube per day. If you are looking for the perfect exposure for your video, then there is no better option than YouTube today. With the statistics and insights that YouTube offers you to determine how your video is doing, it is a handy platform for video content. You can even use ads to earn from your YouTube content. The only drawback to consider in YouTube is the video traffic and the chances that your video may not outperform as expected. But using SEO tools can help in this aspect.


Dailymotion is somewhat similar to YouTube as a video hosting social platform, but it has its distinctive characteristics and looks along with the perks it has to offer you. It does contain ads but unlike YouTube, it plays at the end of the video. Dailymotion has categorized its video content according to its topic so that it is easier to reach the relevant video on Dailymotion. Though the access is free in Dailymotion, the video storage and duration is limited here. Your video will have a nice exposure at Dailymotion too.


Facebook, one of the most popular social sites, is a place where your videos can attract a large audience and make a statement in the crowd. Facebook allows a video duration of 240 minutes and proves to be a platform where you can gather the right audience by choosing who you want to see your content. To add to the perks, you can verily embed your Facebook video to your website. Which means that all the views on your video will be gathered at one place which can make it more eye-catching to the potential video viewers. Moreover, Facebook is doing great in terms of serving as a video hosting platform and will prove to be a great platform.


Vimeo is a refined video hosting platform with limited and basic free access to uploading the video content. The default ad-free videos and unlimited bandwidth makes it unique from other host sites. The term YouTuber ceases to exist with Vimeo's easy-going video content uploading. It is knowable that there is lesser video traffic and audience on Vimeo when compared with YouTube, but the content and the quality is incomparable. If you are aiming for a more professional site for your video then Vimeo is the name to remember.

Paid Video Hosting Sites:

These are some paid video hosting sites if you want to consider your video content quite seriously. As these are reliable and no ad sites with faster speed.


With Wistia, you can explore all the possible advanced analytics for your videos and take positive actions for it. Hence, the customizations are quite unlimited with Wistia. It has very limited free access but the paid plans are also quite reasonable. Also, it can integrate with other sites as well which can help you grow your brand and business with your video content. The monthly plans are an inexpensive approach, however, the charges get up fast by increasing the bandwidth. Hence, it is not the most suitable cheap option but works great when considered in other aspects.


If you are looking for instant video load speed, unlimited bandwidth, and simple integration with WordPress for your blog, or any HTML based website, then Swarmify might be the right choice for you. Swarmify provides unique features, like instantly auto-converting from any existing video on YouTube, Vimeo, or others. Their video player provides advanced Edge AI to deliver the fastest and highest quality video experience. The player can also be customized to completely match your brand and site colors. It doesn't have any of the distracting watermarks or logos, like other players. Pricing is simple, starting with a $50/month plan. You can try Swarmify for free for 30 days with all the same features you get with a paid plan. Did I say Unlimited Videos. I've seen this claim before, with others. But typically this means the quality is cut down or they're making money with ads. Swarmify doesn't have ads, that's not their deal. They are just giving you a great player at a great price. All plans come with video analytics to show you how your video is being viewed. Swarmify primary strength is their technology. They have a patented technology that makes loading video faster and eliminates all buffering.


Vimeo can be considered in both paid and unpaid. In the paid premium plan of Vimeo, you will find it extremely similar to YouTube. It is a more creative and professional approach than YouTube. The potential viewers at Vimeo may be smaller but the content will be well-reputed and considered to be highly professional. You can first check out its functionalities and settings by the free access and then upgrade your account to Premium for a better and more satisfying experience.

All of these video hosting platforms are renowned and can gather a nice and relevant audience for you. You must choose the site that is the most suitable and accurate for your video content depending on its nature. Most options have a free trial that allows for you to try out their video hosting service. Make sure your video gets the exposure and response you want it to have with these sites to look after your content.