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All You Need to Know About WordPress Themes

All You Need to Know About WordPress Themes

Today we are living in the era of networking. Every person who is selling something would now require a website of his products and offerings to reach his customers. If you have not created one yet you are far behind time.

In order to serve this purpose, an easy and quick web-based platform is there known as WordPress which allows you to design your website or blogs. It has built-in templates and plugins so; you just need to choose and start working on them. Cool, isn’t it?

Here, you might be thinking that If WordPress is offering templates will all websites look the same? Worry not as for this, we have WordPress themes.

Let’s discover them further.

What Are WordPress Themes?

WordPress themes are a collection of templates and stylesheets which are used to give your website an attractive appearance. They change the overall display of your WordPress website.

Moreover, it changes its design and complete front-end layout. It is what a user will see and click-through when he/she visits your site.

What’s more, you can add, change or manage a theme from the WordPress admin area.

For this, go to Appearance and click on Themes. Some of these themes are free while you’ll have to pay for the rest.

You can also visit WordPress.org for a nice range of free themes in their Theme Directory.

Every theme will come with its distinct design, layout, and features. Choose the one that suits you the best and serves your requirements.

Furthermore, WordPress also offers themes designed for specific websites like photography themes will be for photography websites. It will make your search easier.

So, How Do Themes Work?

Well, it really sounds easy that you put a pre-designed template and you are good to go. But a lot happens at the back end. Let’s see how this works.

All the content and data you enter in WordPress is read by the theme and displayed on the browser. WordPress theme will give you different options so that you can decide how your content looks on screen. What it offers is:

  • You can choose from different layouts, for example, static layout or responsive layout.
  • You want to use a single column of double column
  • With your WordPress theme, you can display content anywhere on the screen
  • It also specifies devices and actions needed to display content
  • It can also customize typography and design elements using CSS
  • You can also add images and videos

Key Takeaway: WordPress themes give you power and control over your website. Keep.in mind that it is more than just a design or layout. Choose it wisely because only a good design will attract more visitors. Thus, it is a very important feature.

Components of WordPress Themes:

WordPress themes constitute three basic components other than some other files:

  1. style.css
  2. function.php
  3. WordPress template file

If it is not a child theme it will also have an index.php file.

Other files may include:

  • Javascript files
  • CSS files
  • Graphics
  • Text files

Every theme will have a unique style.css file. Identifying information in the header is always different to help you in installation.

This does not mean you cannot make any change in the design. All these files are necessary for making any changes to your theme according to your requirements. Let’s see how to do it;

Modifying a WordPress Theme

You can make changes in your theme by adding plugins. Moreover, you can add code to the function.php file.

Another option you have is the parent/child theme strategy. You can modify parent theme using a child theme.

Parent Theme:

The theme you initially selected and is running on your website is the parent theme. It is running all the functionality of your website.

Child Theme:

The child theme is a sub-theme that inherits all style and functionality of the parent theme. You can now modify the child theme without disturbing any custom changes you made to the parent theme. Changes made in the child theme will override the parent theme.

Wondering how to create a child theme? It is in fact very easy. Make a folder in theme directory with a style.css file. Specify parent theme by adding a template line in comment code where theme name is displayed.

Activate your child theme to modify your design.

Theme Framework:

A theme framework is the code library that helps in its development. Previously was difficult to maintain the security of the code. Now the parent-child strategy helps in this too. All functionality codes are stored in frameworks and all modifications are made in child themes. So that any change in design does not affect functionality.

Difference Between A Theme and Plugin:

Themes and plugins are commonly confused. Here’s the differentiation:

  • Themes define the outer look of your site
  • Plugins control functionality

Any changes you make to the theme should not affect the functionality. For this, we have plugins.

Let’s talk about what’s popular in town. The list below is showing some trending themes of the season.

  • Hello
    Hello is a simple vanilla design. It has grace and elegance. It is very easy to use and the best choice for beginners.
  • Astra
    Astra is a fast and fully customizable theme. It is best for personal portfolios, blogs, and e-commerce stores.
  • Hestia
    New in the industry this is what you are looking for. Hestia is the best choice for small and startup businesses like restaurants, wedding planners, etc. It has a multipurpose one-page design. It also has a widget footer and a blog page.
  • The Gem
    Need a one for all theme. The Gem is a multipurpose theme for every kind of industry whether big or small. It offers more than 150 built-in templates. Also, it will give you 20 unique transition animations. It is packed with 60 unique elements with 250 styles.

Let’s Get Started:

Well, now you have enough information to get started with selecting me customizing your WordPress theme. The best and safest place to download a theme in the WordPress directory. They have maintained a theme review team which closely review each theme. They have also set rigorous theme review guidelines to ensure best quality and security.