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A Comprehensive Guide To Creating A Compelling Product Video

A Comprehensive Guide To Creating A Compelling Product Video

Creating and posting carefully-curated videos is the most resounding approach when it comes to drawing in buyers, particularly those that become aware of your services through their cell phones. When you make top-notch videos, even the most powerful players in the business you are going up against will push your substance to the peak of client news feeds.

In the world of today, most people are very well aware of the role social media plays in the prosperity or failure of an up-and-coming business or product service. One of the extremely popular platforms, YouTube, is the second biggest search engine on the Internet – and it is second only to Google. As of now, videos show up in more than 70% of the main search result lists. This means that making videos about your products is the best way to sell your services now.



Before you begin, it is important for you to recognize what your aims and objectives for the video are. This will not just encourage you to pick the correct video format, but also helps in brainstorming.

There are numerous ways brands can utilize videos to guide customers through all the stages of their venture. Contingent upon what your business needs are, you may need a video for any of these reasons:

  • Creating brand awareness: Showing why your product is important and making your image greater.
  • Producing leads or deals: Persuading prospects to connect with you or purchase the product.
  • Clarifying explicit highlights: Instructing existing clients to improve reception and maintenance.

Your objectives help you decide the sort of video you should deliver. In case you're hoping to fabricate brand awareness – make a short advertisement.


The next step is to realize who you're tending to and the message you have to pass on. To start with, who is this video for? Knowing who your optimal clients are will enable you to pick the best tone and semantic to speak to them, expanding your video's adequacy.

Ask yourself more questions like, what would we like to accentuate in the video? What is our greatest selling point? For what reason should individuals care?

To get the best results:

  • Ask your sales team as they know the sort of individuals who are destined to purchase.
  • Converse with your clients. Ask them for what reason they picked your item over a competitor's, what they like most about it, how they use it, and so forth.
  • Screen your image discourses.
  • Take thoughts from your rivals as your rivals' clients are your best prospects.


Your content is the establishment of your whole video. Every decent story needs some kind of contention and a solution. To make your product video:

  • Set up the conflict. You have to create a specific situation based around the difficulties your targeted audience has to face. Present your item as an answer to their problems.
  • Utilize the correct tone to mirror your image, because it represents you and what you’re selling.
  • Show the benefits of the product, not features. Your clients only want to solve their issue. They are not interested in anything else.
  • Pick words that fortify your focal thought. Have at least one main topic ready.
  • Have a convincing suggestion to take action.
  • Pay very close attention to the details.
  • Be very neurotic and meticulous.
  • Ask the opinions of your sales, tech, and design team members. It’s always good to have the opinion of an outsider as they can sometimes see what we cannot.


Filming is actually the easiest part of the entire process of producing a product video. If you work with a good agency, they can provide you the equipment and help you get all the shots that you need in less than an hour. This will save you from frustration and headaches.


Now that your video is ready for everyone to see, you should decide where you want to publish it and how you want to host your product video. Your options include:

  • Your landing pages
  • The homepage of your website
  • Popular social media platforms
  • Nurturing emails

A good thing you can do is pinning it as the top post/featured content on your social media profiles.

The next thing you need to worry about is hosting your video. Make use of the right keywords so that you can reach a bigger, broader audience that has never heard of you before. Hosting is completely free.


Now that you have started creating your product video but aren’t exactly sure about where you’re going, here are a few extra tips and tricks to help you out:

  • In order to create that perfect product video, you should thoroughly consider precisely how you intend to utilize every video, who is viewing these and where and how they are making use of your services.
  • When presenting your product in a video, remember that people need to see themselves in it, or relate to it in some way so they can understand the various aspects of your product that you’re trying to show. For example, if you’re a fashion retailer, make use of models to portray how a garment looks when on the runway in front of the entire world.
  • Don’t overdo it. Product videos should be less than one minute when it comes to duration. Less is always more.

Now that the product video has been curated, post it as the main video on all your social media channels, including your YouTube, Facebook and Google+ pages. This is the first video clients will see when they will land on your social media profiles, telling them everything they need to know about the services you offer.