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A Comprehensive Guide To Brand Videos

A Comprehensive Guide To Brand Videos

What is a Brand Video?

So, you want to make videos to brand your company, products and services?

Put down that pen and paper, forget those still images, and get ready to think outside the walls of conventionality. Gone are the days of boring still images and boring blurbs, and welcome to the glory days or video––those amazing, breathing, colorful, moving images that when properly conveyed can move people to trust and believe in and be ONE with your company.

It wasn’t that long ago when only the largest, behemoth companies could afford to blueprint, produce, and distribute video. The cost associated with even the simplest commercial ran in the tens of thousands of dollars. Now, the average high-schooler can produce a brand video on their laptop and movie software. Stop making excuses because it’s now easier than ever to rapidly produce video to convey the essence of your brand.

Very few mediums can touch the soul like video. Within a short video clip, video has the ability to tell an emotional story of your product, service, mission, and company. Video is no longer an afterthought, but a fundamental part of the sales process. It is the thread that can pull a customer from simply knowing your company’s name to taking action.

Start early. Start often. Start now. Multiple studies–– All right, I’ll stop there. You already know that multiple studies show that people respond to brands that communicate with them often and in a narrow period of time. With that being said, it is never too early to start using video for your brand.

Possible ways to utilize video:

  • Interview your employees.
  • Create video messages from your sales teams, your customer service team.
  • Make explainer videos, instructional videos, product videos.

Video, and video more. Then upload your video to a video platform, which is as easy as ever. It’s never too early to start building your brand. Do it. Now. Go. I’ll wait.

Social Media and your brand video?

Engagement. Infinitesimal attention spans. Influencers. 140 chars. 280 chars. 7 seconds. Scrolling. Rolling.

In today’s day and age, moving images work. One might argue it is the ONLY thing that works. People glance, they scroll, they’re fixated on small screens with little time. This provides the perfect opportunity to use video to capture the relevant audience. Brand videos for social media are often short clips, meant to entice rather than explain every minute detail. However, don’t let their stature diminish their importance. Short videos in these social mediums can be far less expensive to produce and can reach a wide ranging audience, and a more targeted one. Think... instead of making one long video to reach everyone, you can make 10 shorter videos at the same cost and target specific audiences. Do you make dog videos? Of course not. But if you did, you could make a dog video targeting golden retrievers, and one for beagles, and one for...you get the point.

(Side note: some search engines give preference to brand videos over text-based content in ranking. Boom!)

How and Why it works?

To be fair, there are many scientific reasons why video brands work. I won’t bore you. Actually, I’ll bore you a little. Because of our unique wiring, humans store visual representations better than text-based stimuli. In addition, when audio is an added component, those synapses fire off even stronger, the chemicals churn and swoosh, and create longer lasting and stronger memories and responses.

Simply, the human brain has the capability to process visual content faster and better. So why not take advantage of this. Flush down that old, less engaging content, and grab the video mantle. Videos require less energy for the viewer to process, and therefore...they’re just better.

What are the different types of brand videos?

The types of brand videos run the gamut. Each has their advantages and disadvantages in creating an impactful solution. Among them are Vlogs, Vines, event videos, webinars, and interview videos. Let us walk our little fingers along the details of each one:

Vlogs: A video log usually combines short form video with text and images. Vlogs can be a great branding medium, especially since companies can hire V-loggers per log to create a showcase of their brand. In this way, Vlogs are cost effective.

Vines: When it comes to rapid fire video branding, vines are king (or queen). These videos last just seconds and often loop for a viral aspect to video brands.

Event Videos: Event videos usual highlight a specific function or an important aspect of a company. These videos are geared toward highlighting the company itself, more than a product or services. Event videos can help humanize your company and drive home the diverse nature of what you’re trying to convey.

Webinars & Presentation (How-to) videos: Webinars and presentation videos help explain tools, products, and services, and are one of the most effective ways for prospective customers to understand what you do. Think about webinars as a promotion for your product without the heavy sales pitch. Many customers become intrigued by a company’s offering just by understanding how it works––how easy is your product to install? Does it do what I want? Does the video explain the pricing?

Interviews: Interview videos often put the public/user/interested customer in the position of the interviewer. And you the company answers the questions they would if the customer was the interviewee. However, you the company drives the questions. Interviews area a great way to manage the conversation and can be genuine medium to make your brand blossom.

What are the benefits which brand videos bring to you company?

Videos are viral beasts, with the ability to spread their tentacles far and wide. Sometimes, brand videos do this seemingly on their own, like they have a brain. Other times, your plan of propagation happens with your direct intent. Either way, videos can multiple the awareness of your brand with little effort and minimal costs.

Video, unlike other mediums, gets people talking around the water cooler (as if you still have a water cooler). People talk about videos in ways they don’t for images and text and sometimes reviews.

Videos provide a way for you to communicate your engaging message directly to the customer.

How can a brand brand videos be used in effective ways?

We know video is great. We know brands are great. We know brand videos are great. So how to I work this machine and have my brand fly into the clouds like Icarus (minus the whole wings melting thing).

Advertising networks (Google): Create video clips. Create longer video messages. Create how-tos and product videos. Create a list of keywords associated with your brand and use these and the ad networks to drive traffic to you videos. Remember, it’s not always the most popular expensive keywords that work best. It is better to get 10 clicks of traffic over 5 keywords than it is to get 5 clicks from one keyword.

Social: As we’ve already discussed...Facebook, Twitter, Instagram provide incredible platforms to share video. And the best part about these platforms is the ability to target. Do you want to target 30 - 35 year old men who don’t shave? Well, I don’t know why you would, but maybe you do. This sort of targeting is hyper-marketing and can target your brand to those you care about most.

Press releases. Yes! Press releases are still a great way to drive traffic to your site. Prior to notifying the world of you amazing product and service, make sure you create a video that corresponds to your wonderful news. The combination of the press release with your video will drive awareness, adoption, and you brand.

Create and disseminate:

With Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier and a plethora of amazing movie making products (some even free), it’s as easy as ever to learn these tools and create video. Once you have a video, you’ll want to get it up on your site or video platform. There are many companies and tools to guide you through the process.

What are you waiting for?

Grow your brand with video, today!